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City Commission on Human Rights

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Human Rights Officials Won Big Discrimination Case for Transgender Woman, Then Went Silent

City lawyers filed a petition in State Supreme Court seeking additional penalties against a real estate broker who discriminated against Giana Desir but hadn’t paid up in a year. It was news to her.

Racial Profiling Allegations Emerge at Luxury Brooklyn Rental Building After Guest Screening Conflicts and Dog Park Bans

Some Black tenants contend staffers at the Willoughby Street high-rise treat them and their guests with less respect than white neighbors.

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Black New Yorkers Describe Racism as ‘Inescapable’ in Quietly Released Human Rights Report

Anti-black racism is present in almost every facet of New York City life, charges a new City Commission on Human Rights report.

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Landlords Ghost Apartment Hunters When Housing Vouchers Come Up

It’s against the law to discriminate against a tenant who relies on government funds. That doesn’t stop some brokers from pulling a vanishing act.

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Dozens of Sex Harass Complaints Left Unresolved for Years at NYC Commission

City Commission on Human Rights has 44 open complaints of sexual harassment against private firms that were filed more than two years ago, data shows.


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