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City Charter

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What’s Ranked-Choice Voting? Candidates Say Many New Yorkers Don’t Know

The new system, in which voters list candidates in order of preference, is set to hit next year as offices from City Council to mayor are filled. Those running say the city Board of Elections is doing little to educate the public.

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Manhattan Community Boards Are Missing Hispanics, Young People — and Renters

Here’s what we know about the demographics of Manhattan’s 12 community boards, thanks to detailed information collected by BP Gale Brewer’s team.

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Staten Island Pledges to Fix Failure to Track Community Board Diversity

Borough President James Oddo said his office will collect race, gender and age info — after THE CITY revealed failure to comply with a legal mandate.

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Does Your Community Board Reflect You and Your Neighbors? Find Out.

We analyzed the latest available demographic data of the city’s volunteer boards. Check out your neighborhood’s numbers and find out how to join.

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Ranked Choice Voting Could Change How NYC Elections Get Fought and Won

New tiered balloting system is likely to win approval — and lead to unexpected alliances between candidates usually at each others’ throats.


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