Six Chinese phlebotomists employed by BioReference Laboratories are alleging years of unequal pay and work conditions. They’ve filed complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission while preparing a lawsuit.
Protest targeting Chinese-American Planning Council demands cancelation of endorsements for the group’s former chair — and showcased a candidate running against their union’s own pick.
A legal ruling barred construction at The Tombs in Chinatown. But that hasn’t stopped the city from soliciting proposals for the White Street site. Meanwhile, the city insists its commitment to closing Rikers “has not wavered.”
A judge ruled in favor of locals fighting a proposed new tower to replace The Tombs. Meanwhile, more lawsuits are pending over other borough jail sites in The Bronx and Queens.
Activated by battles over high school admissions, new jails and a cop convicted for an accidental shooting, political newcomers seek to influence high-stakes debates.
Restaurateurs in the historic Manhattan neighborhood say they’re left to battle bureaucracy as they fight for space to stay in business under pandemic restrictions.
Pandemic snags smaller jails’ timeline, giving new hope to opponents — while advocates say recent drop in inmate population proves it’s time to press ahead.
With the in-person approach no longer viable, outreach efforts are being re-aimed to inspire participation through unexpected tactics.
To get a free hot lunch, elderly New Yorkers vulnerable to infection must decide whether to risk joining the crowd — spurring calls for a Plan B.
The present from China for Sunset Park, seven years in the making, falls victim to “geopolitical tensions,” Borough President Eric Adams says.
With close-Rikers plans headed to key votes, the Manhattan jail’s next-door neighbors want answers about what will happen when construction begins.
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