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Child Welfare

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Families Probed for Child Neglect After Keeping Kids Out of School Over COVID Concerns

The impact of child welfare investigations on already traumatized families can be severe: charges stay on records for decades and may affect future job prospects. Parents say they are trying their best to keep their kids safe and educated.

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More Than 100,000 NYC Students Are Homeless, New Report Finds

Nearly 1 in 10 New York City public school students lived in unstable, or temporary, housing in the 2020-2021 school year, according to an analysis of state data released Monday.

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City, Union Push Back on Informing Parents of Rights in Child-Welfare Probes

The Administration for Children’s Services and its staffers’ union may have successfully scuttled two City Council bills that would require workers to advise parents and other caretakers of their rights at the start of a welfare investigation.

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Maya Wiley Won’t Be New York’s Next Mayor. What Will Happen to Her Signature Proposal?

After coming in third in the Democratic primary, Wiley says she plans to push for universal community care for children and older adults from outside the mayor’s — and governor’s – office. She’s hoping to get Eric Adams’ ear.

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Vaccinate Teens Without Parental Consent, City Child Welfare Agency Says

Lawyers for youth and families push back on new policy that allows foster care and juvenile justice homes to give vaccines to 16- and 17-year-olds even if mom or dad objects.

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Video Game-Themed Writing Workshops Draw Homeless Teens Together in a Time of Isolation

Study player one: Bronx shelters team up with industry pros to launch pandemic after-school program offering a precious chance for mentorship.

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Youth Find Silver Lining in Child Welfare Shift to Telehealth During Pandemic

A new survey by city medical and mental health providers for the child welfare system discovered online therapy means more kids are getting help. There’s a growing push to keep the system in place when the COVID-19 crisis ends.

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Drawing Lessons From Protests, Black Women’s Group Makes Holidays Happier for Foster Kids

Kimberly Bernard and Caroline Gombé show that in addition to demonstrating against what you don’t want in your community, you also have to fight for what you do.

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State Moves to Ban Face-Down Restraining Hold at Foster Care Facilities

So-called prone restraints involve adult guards pinning allegedly unruly children on the floor. The move can be deadly.

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As Cuomo Shutters Schools in COVID Flare Zones, Ground Rules Lag for Child Welfare Reports During Remote Learning

State Office of Children and Family Services says advice to educators on how to handle kids who fail to sign in for online classes is coming — but not for another few weeks.


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With School Start Confusion, New Concern Over Child Welfare Probes of Kids Lacking Tech

Hundreds of reports in the spring led to investigations of families whose kids failed to log on for remote learning. Advocates warn that little has changed since.