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Charter Schools

Coverage of charter school education

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School Policing Questioned as Students Return to Classrooms Amid Pandemic Stress and Security Revamp

The restarting of fully in-person classes means a comeback for thousands of school safety agents alongside a million students to city public schools in less than a month. That’s reignited a raging debate over what role cops should have in classrooms.

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Eric Adams Faces a Schooling on Major New York City Education Issues

Will the presumed next mayor be friendly to charter schools? How will he get along with educator unions that didn’t endorse him? How will he tackle integration? Here’s a look at how it could all shake out.

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Mayoral MATH: How Andrew Yang’s Money Helped Start Manhattan Charter School

The former test-prep company owner, known for his "MATH" cap, once donated big bucks to a new charter school — and suggests he’s open to more of them. He’s at odds with most mayoral candidates and the UFT.

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Tens of Thousands of Child Care Slots De Blasio Promised to Working Parents Still Missing

The mayor’s new Learning Bridges program was supposed to provide kids through eighth grade a safe place to learn when they’re not attending in-person classes. But more than four out of five slots have yet to be created.

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What You Should Know About NYC’s Plan to Shutter Schools

The country’s largest school system announced it would be closing its doors this week to help stem the spread of the deadly new coronavirus.

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Find Your NYC School’s 2019 Graduation Rate

City students graduated at a record high last school year. Chalkbeat made a searchable database to find any public or charter school graduation rate.

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Number of Homeless NYC Students Remains Stubbornly High

A tenth of students — about 114,000 kids — in New York City public schools lacked stable housing last school year, according to new data.

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Fire, Rain and Union Tensions Test a Bronx Charter School

Staff and families at the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls say conditions deteriorate as the board holds onto a $10 million bank account.

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City Payments for Charter School Rent Jumps to $80 Million

New York City charter school rent payments are to set to climb to $80 million. That’s up from $52 million last year — and marks a 54 percent increase. The public funds will cover the leases of 90 charter schools that operate in private spaces.

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Success Academy ‘Dumped’ Elementary School Student at Precinct, Suit Charges

A Brooklyn branch of the charter school also repeatedly suspended the special-needs youth and called child services to push him out, lawsuit claims.


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