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How New Yorkers Can Help Haiti Following the Earthquake That Killed 1,300

Haitian-American leaders in New York offered a loud-and-clear message Monday in the wake of the deadly 7.2 magnitude earthquake that devastated the southwestern portion of the Caribbean nation: Haiti needs help, but from the right organizations. They were trying to head off the kind of the problems that hurt relief efforts after the 2010 quake […]

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Social Service and Unions Leaders Clash Over Effort to Help Workers Organize

A bill aimed at easing the unionization path for employees at social service organizations sailed through the City Council last week, but faces turbulence from nonprofit leaders who say their workplaces are already barely surviving.  The legislation, known as Intro. 2252, pits the head of the city’s largest municipal union against the umbrella group representing […]

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NYC Translation Law Often Ignored, at High Human Cost in the COVID Era

Four years after the City Council passed a law boosting the number of languages government documents must be translated to, many frequently used forms — including COVID materials — aren’t getting the required treatment, nonprofit service providers charge. The city’s language access law mandates the translation of “commonly distributed documents” into the top 10 most-spoken languages in […]

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For Crumbling Congregations, a Bible on How to Save a House of Worship

Even before the pandemic, many of New York’s houses of worship were facing an existential crisis. For years, interest in joining churches, mosques and synagogues has been on the decline nationally, leaving the physical homes and finances of many spiritual communities deteriorated. Now, amid the upheaval of the coronavirus, survival is even more uncertain, said […]

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Washington Heights Armory on Defense Over Who Gets to Use Space

In an era when space equals safety, the Fort Washington Avenue Armory offers some of the most enviable elbow room in Upper Manhattan. The expansive 250,000-square-foot building plays host to a wide array of activities, most recently serving as a mass vaccination site and perhaps most famously as a facility for international track and field […]