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Tenants’ Rights at Risk in NYCHA Conversions, Warns Human Rights Group

The city Housing Authority’s years-long effort to place public housing into the hands of private managers shows signs of compromising tenants’ rights, a human rights group charged Thursday.  Citing increased eviction rates and a lack of oversight once buildings are turned over, Human Rights Watch released the results of a year-long examination of NYCHA’s plan […]

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NYCHA Reaches Deal to Monitor Mold Mess at Privately Run Buildings

The city Housing Authority announced a groundbreaking new plan Thursday to aggressively monitor public housing apartments once they’re placed into private management to ensure that tenants aren’t plagued by toxic mold.  The new agreement is part of court-monitored oversight of NYCHA’s persistent mold problems and comes after multiple reports that private sector managers and contractors […]

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Manhattan Lead Paint Confusion Casts New Doubts on Moving Public Housing to Private Management

When the New York City Housing Authority turned over hundreds of public housing apartments in Manhattan to a private management company last fall, the new managers were required to clean up any lead paint hazards lingering on the walls. In June, the managers sent tenants notices that Harley Plumbing & Heating LLC would soon arrive […]

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Alleged Mold Coverup Stains Public Housing Move to Private Management

Last fall, city Housing Authority carpenters performing work at a public housing complex in Washington Heights made a disturbing discovery inside a tenant’s bathroom: black splotches flowering on what appeared to be a newly installed drop ceiling. When they removed the ceiling, they found a thick coating of toxic black mold festering in the rafters […]

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After Demolition Scare, Chelsea NYCHA Tenants Forge New Path With Private Management

Two years ago, City Hall floated a plan that, for many, amounted to a worst case scenario for public housing tenants: demolish and rebuild parts of two New York City Housing Authority complexes in Chelsea. The 2019 proposal for the Fulton and Chelsea-Elliott Houses was met with swift and intense backlash as tenants, housing advocates […]

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How NYCHA Allegedly Closed the Book on Repairs It Didn’t Do

One by one, the nation’s biggest public housing authority is turning over management of tens of thousands of its 175,000 apartments to the private sector.  And with every apartment that goes into private hands, long-awaited repairs are deemed “closed” — even though the fixes haven’t taken place, a housing advocacy group charged in court papers […]