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Little Change and Little Hope on the Staten Island Street Where Eric Garner Died

Nearly five years after Eric Garner’s death, the Staten Island cop who choked him as he gasped, “I can’t breathe” faces an NYPD administrative trial beginning Monday. But Garner’s friends say that little has changed on Bay Street since the deadly confrontation — and they doubt Officer Daniel Pantaleo will face any serious consequences. “Hell, […]

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The Bronx Is Waiting: Police Dispatch Times Highest in the City

Police took longer to assign officers to crimes reported in Bronx neighborhoods than anywhere else in New York City in 2018, according to the city Independent Budget Office’s analysis of precinct dispatch times. The average dispatch time across the city for roughly 450,000 possible crime-in-progress incidents in 2018 was 3 minutes, 48 seconds. That’s up […]

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Challenge to NYPD Use of Sealed Arrest Records Can Proceed, Judge Rules

The NYPD, in violation of a decades-old state law, has been routinely accessing sealed arrest records — even in cases where charges are dropped, a class-action lawsuit filed by the Bronx Defenders alleged last year. On Tuesday, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Alexander M. Tisch ruled that the case can move forward, spiking a motion to […]

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VOTING CHANGE: City Elections Could Become a Ranking Game of Thrones

Forget about one-candidate, one-vote: New Yorkers would get to rank contenders in order of preference on their ballots, under a proposed election overhaul. The Charter Revision Commission’s preliminary staff report — obtained by THE CITY — eyes bringing so-called Ranked Choice Voting to town. Among the goals: to end costly primary runoffs in major elections […]