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How New Yorkers Really Feel About Bernie, Mike and the Rest of the Presidential Pack

Sign up for “THE CITY Scoop,” our daily newsletter where we send you stories like this first thing in the morning. New York’s Democratic presidential primary won’t take place until April 28. But with 15 states holding party primaries in the coming week, including “Super Tuesday” on March 3, the presidential contest is heating up […]

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Race for Brooklyn Rep. Yvette Clarke’s House Seat Spans Democratic Spectrum

Adem Bunkeddeko came within 2,000 votes of unseating longtime Brooklyn Rep. Yvette Clarke two years ago, on the same day Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ousted powerful Rep. Joe Crowley in Queens and The Bronx. The anti-poverty strategist with a Harvard MBA had campaigned on his biography as a successful son of Ugandan war refugees — and on […]

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Tiffany Cabán Lost the Queens DA Race, But She’s Still Running

Sign up for THE CITY Scoop, our daily newsletter where we send you stories like this first thing in the morning. The insurgent Democrat has been busy giving speeches, attending local rallies — and pushing presidential candidates on their criminal justice reform plans. Meanwhile, she’s been keeping in touch with the likes of Elizabeth Warren […]

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How Tiffany Cabán Went From Nowhere to the Verge of Victory

Additional reporting by Savannah Jacobson A few months ago, Tiffany Cabán toiled in near anonymity as a public defender in Manhattan. By late Tuesday night, the 31-year-old self-described “queer Latina” emerged as the latest herald of the AOC Effect, threatening to pull an upset victory in the Democratic primary for Queens district attorney. “Whether Cabán […]