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Locked Out: Borough Jails Critics Say They’ve Been Excluded From Post-Rikers Meetings

As a $10 billion plan to build four new jails across the city forges ahead, many residents and activists charge they’ve been locked out of the discussion for months. “They’re saying, ‘Oh there are so many opportunities for community engagement,’” said Nancy Kong, a Manhattan community activist. “No, you guys already made the decision. You […]

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Language School Was Ordered Evicted Weeks Before Stranding Students

The owners of an English-language school received an eviction notice weeks before its abrupt closure left staff and visa-dependent students stranded last week, court documents show. The American Language Communication Center (ALCC) owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent, taxes and utility bills on three floors it rented on West 36th Street, according to […]

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Wrong Envelope: Students Accepted to Coveted Lab School After Rejection Snafu

An admissions error has resulted in 144 students receiving an offer to the New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies, a coveted high school, after they were initially informed they didn’t get in. While some worried it could cause a ripple effect at other schools, the education department pushed back, saying the number of […]

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Visa-Dependent Students Stranded by Closure of English-Language School

The immigration status and finances of hundreds of foreign students enrolled at a popular English language school were thrown into jeopardy after the 44-year-old institution abruptly shuttered this week. Students at the American Language Communications Center (ALCC) on West 36th St. in Manhattan first heard the rumors by text, WhatsApp and phone on Tuesday afternoon: […]

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Barging In: City Suit Seeks to Sink Sailing Signage

A new lawsuit aims to torpedo the advertising efforts of a Florida company whose floating digital billboards have made a splash along New York’s waterways, THE CITY has learned. The suit, filed by the de Blasio administration in Manhattan Federal Court on Wednesday morning, accuses Ballyhoo Media of “repeatedly violating” city zoning laws that, since […]

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As Hudson Yards Rises, Broken Subway Escalators Make for Steep Climbs

Hudson Yards, officially opening Friday, is brand new — but the sprawling city within-a-city is already up against an old problem. The 34 Street–Hudson Yards subway station, which connects 7 train riders to the new $25 billion retail and residential complex, has three of the 10 most failure-prone subway escalators in Manhattan, according to the […]