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Struggling Food Delivery Workers’ Secret Weapon: Support From a Powerful Union

More than 2,000 food delivery workers biked from Times Square to Foley Square on Wednesday afternoon, briefly shutting down traffic on Broadway, to demand better wages and protections from the tech giants that run delivery app platforms. Los Deliveristas Unidos had rallied before — but this time, the workers who spoke were joined by a […]

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As Restaurants Ready to Reopen, Food Service Workers Struggle to Score Promised COVID Vaccinations

Additional reporting by Christine Chung Citi Field is slated to open Wednesday as a COVID-19 vaccination site, with half of slots set aside for Queens residents and the other half for restaurant and food delivery workers and taxi drivers. But the news, delivered Monday by Mayor Bill de Blasio, was quickly followed by frustration for […]

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Community Rallies Around ‘Deliveristas’ Who Lost Everything in a Bensonhurst House Fire

After a Monday morning fire tore through the Bensonhurst duplex they share, a half-dozen food delivery workers launched an online fundraiser, hoping to get a new apartment and replacement supplies — including e-bikes. The men, who belong to Los Deliveristas Unidos, a group of mostly indigenous Guatemalan food delivery workers organizing for better working conditions, […]

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Which NYC Frontline Workers Will Get the Next Shot at the COVID-19 Vaccine?

A month into the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, the de Blasio and Cuomo administrations have yet to fully spell out which “frontline essential workers” are next in line after health care staff and nursing homes get the shots. That’s increased anxiety for many New Yorkers hailed as heroes of the pandemic — from doormen and […]

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DoorDash Pledge of NYC Bathroom Access and Safety Boosts for Delivery Workers Gets Skeptical Reception

Facing mounting criticism over the working conditions of couriers, app-based food delivery company DoorDash says it will offer some concessions to delivery workers in New York City.  In a blog post Wednesday, the San Francisco-based tech company said it will work on increasing the workers’ bathroom access in restaurants, roll out new safety measures and […]

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DoorDash Delivery Workers Would Need to Toil for Two Days to Buy a Single Share of Their $60 Billion Company

To buy a single share of the food delivery app DoorDash, Williams Sian would have to work two full work days traversing Manhattan, picking up meals at restaurants and dropping them off to hungry New Yorkers.  “And that’s on a good day,” he said Tuesday evening. “This morning, I earned $40 for four hours of […]

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Here’s Why Food Delivery Drivers Worry for Their Safety, Despite Curfew Exemption

With the city operating on an 8 p.m. curfew, some food delivery workers are skipping shifts to stay home — out of confusion or fear for their safety.  They want to avoid the fate of the food-delivery cyclist who turned apparently unaware onto Central Park West from 108th Street on Thursday, where police had dispersed […]