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Sen. Chuck Schumer Aims to Deliver Infrastructure Dollars to Help Food Couriers

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) hopes to steer funds from the federal infrastructure bill to build rest areas for New York City’s delivery workers, he announced during a Wednesday ride-along in Harlem with the labor group Los Deliveristas Unidos. “I’m going to tell them about the Deliveristas,” the Senate majority leader promised regarding his colleagues in […]

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NYC Food Delivery Workers Face Paltry Pay and High Risks, Analysis Shows

New York City’s roughly 65,000 food delivery workers earn an average of $7.87 an hour before tips — well below New York’s $15 minimum wage, a survey of more than 500 app-based workers found. More than 85% of respondents said that app-based delivery work was their main and only job, challenging the portrayal of so-called […]

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Food Delivery Workers Toiling Through Historic Flooding Call Skimpy Wages and Tips ‘A Cruel Joke’

As the remnants of Hurricane Ida barreled down on New York City Wednesday night, stranding vehicles on highways and bringing mass transit to a halt, Mayor Bill de Blasio urged people to stay off the roads so first responders could help storm victims. But many of the city’s delivery workers had no choice but to […]

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De Blasio’s Pandemic Heroes Parade Could Use a Clear Invite List ‘Honorees’ Say

With just over two weeks until a “Canyon of Heroes” salute to essential workers who kept the city going through the pandemic, some honorees said they’re still unclear on their place in the parade. While City Hall has said retail, bodega and transportation workers will be among the groups represented on floats in the July […]

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Big Tech-Backed Gig Worker Union Bill Fails to Get in Gear in Albany

A plan to grant app-based gig workers some bargaining rights is dead in the state Legislature — even as the City Council held a hearing Tuesday on measures to improve working conditions for New Yorkers who deliver food. The gig worker proposal, which initially garnered some support from organized labor, collapsed under scrutiny before a […]

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Support for Gig Worker Union Bill in New York Collapsing After Scrutiny

The fate of a state proposal that would allow some app-based gig workers to join a union is in doubt after key players, including a collective of food delivery workers, came out against the measure Tuesday. Los Deliveristas Unidos — a group of mainly immigrant food delivery couriers — and service workers union 32BJ SEIU announced […]