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Republican Mayoral Debate Takeaways: Mateo and Sliwa Shout It Out

The two Republican candidates waging longshot bids to become mayor of New York City focused on attacking each other during a debate broadcast Wednesday night, overshadowing their shared campaign theme of public safety. The raucous faceoff pitted Fernando Mateo, a restaurateur and advocate for bodega owners and taxi drivers, against Curtis Sliwa, a radio personality […]

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Max Rose’s Cross-Country Joint Fund Push Skirts Impeachment Talk

Sign up for “THE CITY Scoop,” our daily newsletter where we send you stories like this first thing in the morning. Freshmen Reps. Max Rose (D-Brooklyn/Staten Island) and Katie Porter (D-Calif.) represent opposite coasts, but they have some big things in common. Both defeated Republicans in traditional GOP strongholds last year. Both face tough reelection […]

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Queens Republican Convention Shuts Out Public on Judge Picks

Queens Republicans aren’t being very democratic. Dozens of delegates for the Queens GOP’s judicial convention will gather in Glendale Wednesday to nominate candidates for six state Supreme Court vacancies — but the party is defying convention by banning the public and the press. Adding an unexpected dose of drama the GOP might not want anyone […]

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National GOP Eyes Nicole Malliotakis to Flip Staten Island House Seat

National Republicans are spending some green to help Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis to take back Staten Island’s congressional seat and nudge the borough back into the red. Meanwhile, Staten Island’s five other GOP elected officials are either mum or undecided on whether they’ll back her House bid. The split Beltway-Staten Island Expressway dynamic is playing out […]