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City, Union Push Back on Informing Parents of Rights in Child-Welfare Probes

A so-called Parental Rights package of legislation is scheduled to be voted on by the City Council on Thursday, seeking to “empower families in the [child welfare] system… to know their rights.” But two key bills will be conspicuously absent from the vote. Both would require city Administration for Children’s Services workers to advise parents […]

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Stuck on Mute: Kids in Juvenile Lockups Can’t Be Seen or Heard by Teachers During Remote Learning

The closure of city public school buildings Thursday also marked the end of in-person classes for another population of New York City youngsters: kids being held in juvenile lockups. But for the 141 minors jailed citywide, remote learning means a system where they cannot be seen or heard by their teachers during school hours. They […]

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‘Raise the Age’ Observers Find Progress and Pain in Courts Following Juvenile Justice Reforms

Last summer, 34 young New Yorkers fanned out across the city’s courtrooms to observe a combined 600 hours of youth court appearances.  The aim: to evaluate the effects of the state’s historic Raise the Age legislation, which stopped the automatic prosecution of 16- and 17-year-olds as adults, in New York City.  The report by the […]

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Court Can’t Order Teen DNA Scrubbed From NYPD Records, Judge Rules

A Brooklyn judge has ruled that family courts don’t have the power to intervene with the NYPD’s stealthy collection of DNA evidence from minors in its custody — a practice that police officials staunchly defend. It comes as the state Legislature considers a bill that would ban collecting and storing DNA from youth charged in family […]

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Parents Seeking Return of Children First Must Forge Connections on Screens

Need to know more about coronavirus in New York? Sign up for THE CITY’s daily morning newsletter. For parents with children in foster care, seeing their kids is both closer and further away than before the coronavirus upended families in New York and beyond. Closer, because child welfare agencies say they’re redoubling efforts to reunify […]

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Courts Offer Chance to Delay Eviction and Other Cases Over Illness

Additional reporting by Reuven Blau Sign up for “THE CITY Scoop,” our daily newsletter where we send you stories like this first thing in the morning. UPDATE: On Sunday, Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks announced that New York “will be postponing all non-essential functions of the court system until further notice,” with only pending […]

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Staten Island Family Court Struggles With Disability Act Compliance

Sign up for “THE CITY Scoop,” our daily newsletter where we send you stories like this first thing in the morning. For those seeking justice in Staten Island’s cramped Family Court, the decade closed as it began: with unfulfilled promises of a new home that would be accessible to all. The nearly century-old, two-story courthouse […]