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Subway Train Operator Haunted by Two Deaths on the Job in One Week. MTA and Union Officials Say the Tragedies Point to a Larger Crisis

Jerome Golden had operated subway trains for 17 years without ever being involved in a deadly accident. “A lot of people I know, it’s happened to them,” Golden said. “But never to me.” But in the course of a single week last month, the veteran motorman suffered dual tragedies — fatally striking two women, the […]

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‘A Bad Dream’: New York Children Who’ve Lost Parents to COVID-19 Face Hardships Beyond Grief

Catherine Abear has one family photo of the four of them: herself, her husband Ray, and their 2-year-old son and then 1-month daughter, all together, taken on Christmas Eve. Three months later, COVID moved Ray into the basement of their Jamaica, Queens, house, to quarantine. He was there for nine days, and then for four […]

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Construction Overseers Charged With Manslaughter in Death of Luis Sánchez Almonte

Additional reporting by Greg B. Smith Sign up for “THE CITY Scoop,” our daily newsletter where we send you stories like this first thing in the morning. A construction company operator, foreperson and engineer responsible for the Sunset Park construction site where laborer Luis Sánchez Almonte was crushed to death by debris in September 2018 […]

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One-Third of Construction Deaths Logged by Feds Go Uncounted by City

Construction laborer Carlos Gabrielli died on the job, after cutting through a city sewer in a Staten Island road. The 50-year-old father of three was working from a hole too small to give him enough room to maneuver a 14-inch rapid-cut saw, according to his family’s lawyer. The saw kicked back and slashed Gabrielli’s unprotected […]

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Developers Donate Big to Queens DA Candidate Who Vows Construction Crackdown

When Queens Borough President Melinda Katz announced her candidacy for district attorney in December, she sought to stand out as an advocate for workers injured or ripped off on the job – especially on construction sites. “Developers and construction companies will be held accountable if they fail to follow the law and keep their workers […]