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Carlos Menchaca

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City Council Members Bringing Back Participatory Budgeting for Some, Not All

Four lawmakers — three running for higher office — are offering online adaptations of the program that allows community members to pick programs to fund. But the delayed citywide version remains on a pandemic pause.

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Planners’ Green Light for Industry City Expansion Puts Council Speaker Corey Johnson in the Hot Seat

Brooklyn Councilmember Carlos Menchaca opposes the Sunset Park waterfront project. But some elected officials and business leaders are pushing a Council showdown after City Planning OKs the plan.

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Blow to Industry City Expansion Makes Waves Beyond Brooklyn Waterfront

Councilmember Carlos Menchaca’s move against project buoys opponents as business leaders navigating post-Amazon seas turn to Speaker Corey Johnson for help. 

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Coronavirus Updates Slow to Reach NYC’s Non-Native English Speakers

Notify NYC text alert service, which sends health and aid program advisories, are still English-only as critics say translation efforts lag.

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311 Tone Deaf on Language Options for Non-Native English Speakers

The city’s complaint and information service offers just six languages, our test found, when the law requires 10.

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City’s IDNYC Smart Card Chip Plan Slammed as Security Risk

Councilmember Carlos Menchaca and advocates demand a halt to banking tech in civic ID cards, citing concerns about immigrants and privacy.


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