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Campaign One for New York

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Eric Adams’ Campaigns and Nonprofit Reaped Big Bucks from Lobbyists and Developers Seeking Help

In recent years leading up to his mayor run, the Brooklyn borough president netted up to $322,750 in contributions from favor-seekers — including some banking on the controversial Gowanus rezoning plan, THE CITY found.

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De Blasio’s Creative Fundraising Outlives His Presidential Hopes

The mayor’s unorthodox PACs, which helped fuel his run, drew new FEC scrutiny Friday. The PACs — and questions dogging de Blasio — aren’t going away.

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State Fines Developers for Their ‘Gifts’ to Mayor de Blasio

On the day the mayor who would be president floated a national campaign finance reform plan, his fundraising tactics trailed him at home once again.

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Mayor de Blasio’s Nonprofit Got Developer’s Check After $12m Deal — and a Call

Newly uncensored portions of a Department of Investigation report reveal that de Blasio phoned a developer who got land and financing from City Hall.

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De Blasio-Style Fundraising Tactics Now Subject to Fines

City officials now can be penalized for raising money for city-tied nonprofits from people with pending city business, under new conflict rules.

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City Ethics Watchdog Urged to Consider Penalties in Mayor’s Fundraising Flap

Good government groups also asked the Conflicts of Interest Board to declare whether Mayor de Blasio violated rules in wake of THE CITY’s reporting.

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PAC-Man de Blasio Gobbles Up Donations from People with City Business

Mayor de Blasio’s Fairness PAC says it vets donors to eliminate anyone doing business with City Hall. But THE CITY found multiple potential conflicts.

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Mayor de Blasio Violated Ethics Rules in Seeking Donations Despite Warnings, Probe Finds

De Blasio solicited donations from individuals seeking tax breaks, deed transfers and other favors from his administration, according to a DOI report.


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