Campaign 2023

Campaigns of 13 candidates for City Council got the maximum possible donations from the MSG political committee.
Fifth time’s the charm for Banks, who has been running against the political couple for a decade.
The city Board of Elections will make its count official next week, but first-time candidates in Harlem and Brownsville are nearly over the top.
All 51 Council seats are open in 2023 in redrawn districts. In the current primary elections, here’s where the most competitive contests are happening.
The central Harlem district has no incumbent running after its one-term City Council member dropped out last month. Ranked choice voting strategy may shape the low-turnout contest.
Who represents you and who wants the job? How has your district changed? And who are the neighbors voting with you?
Freshman Kristin Richardson Jordan said the neighborhood political machine — and bad press — pushed her to not seek re-election after just two years in office.
Incumbent Julie Won gets snubbed by a key union coalition after she said building workers cut a dubious deal.
Because of once-a-decade redistricting, City Council members are having to defend their seats just two years after taking them. Tuesday night’s strong showing for local Republicans is a big topic of conversation — in Puerto Rico.
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