Campaign 2022

It started with the inauguration of Mayor Eric Adams and a tragic fire in The Bronx and saw historic labor actions and a blistering election along the way.
Who’s responsible for Democrats’ losses in New York even as the party over-performed expectations nationally? Everyone seems to be pointing figures, and they might all have a point.
The party’s executive director suggested that elected officials in Southern Brooklyn lacked “commitment” after those politicians ripped the party for failing to support vulnerable incumbents.
As Republicans look poised to oust veteran Democratic lawmakers, some officials are publicly sounding the alarm about the state and county party organizations.
An analysis by THE CITY shows that if voters in Sunset Park and Park Slope had been in the district, as under earlier maps, Rose would have edged out Nicole Malliotakis — and maybe helped save Democrats’ House majority.
Many policy choices lie ahead for the governor’s first full term.
Gotham Gazette’s Ben Max joins an election-night FAQ NYC podcast to offer some late-night early analysis in an episode that began before the governor’s race was called and continued after it was.
Use our interactive map to explore where voters turned out and how that impacted the 2022 general election results.
While pre-election polls showed a close race, Democrats’ overwhelming registration advantage and late get-out-the-vote effort were enough for the incumbent to prevail.
The former governor won’t say if he voted for Letitia James, but he’s got lots to say about how the Democratic Party has lost the script on crime as he says people tell him they “are afraid of the feeling I get in the city,” and much more.
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The City senior reporter and bona fide train knower Jose Martinez joins FAQ to break down the gubernatorial race’s very high, yet hardly noticed, stakes for the already troubled future of the city’s circulatory system.
A new ad blitz and endorsement contrast with past political spending that highlighted crime and disorder, presaging Lee Zeldin’s playbook.
A conversation about the man looking to upset New York State’s first female governor, New York City’s first female fire commissioner, and much more.
In defiance of how the issue has been politicized, Staten Islanders have launched relief efforts to provide immigrants clothes, school supplies and job training.
Six takeaways from the head-to-head between the gubernatorial candidates, as polls show a tightening race.
Kathy Hochul has held a consistent lead in the polls, but a combination of voter persuasion and lopsided turnout could produce a surprise GOP win. Use our interactive tool to see how that could happen.
From same-day registration to nonpartisan primaries to switching election dates, NYC has options to create change. Does it have the will?
With thousands of absentee ballots yet to be counted, around 1,300 votes separated Goldman and Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou, who refused to concede until every vote is counted.
Democratic Socialists of America-endorsed González defeats Elizabeth Crowley, despite torrent of real estate industry attack ads.
Charter school, real estate and Madison Square Garden poobahs have spent $1.7 million and counting in the last month on a handful of hotly contested state Senate races.