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Voters appear to have enshrined environmental rights in the state Constitution. But early results show they may have nixed making it easier to vote and changing the redistricting process. Meanwhile, a measure to expand Civil Court cases seemed headed for an OK.
In 1991, Adams labeled Officer Lizette Lebron a “scorned lover” and paraded photos of her in a bathing suit to discredit her for exposing a cheating scandal. After THE CITY detailed the episode, the mayoral frontrunner offered a public mea culpa.
We broke down the closest City Council races ahead of the general election on Nov. 2 — and mapped who will be on the ballot in your neighborhood.
In 1991, Adams portrayed Officer Lizette Lebron as the “scorned lover” of another cop and displayed a picture of her in a bathing suit after she exposed a cheating scandal. The mayoral frontrunner now expresses “regret” — but Lebron is still haunted by the attacks.
Kristin Richardson Jordan prevailed over the longtime Central Harlem leader in a manual recount by the Board of Elections that took nearly a month to certify — and marks the official end of the city’s first ever ranked-choice-vote primary.
Charlamagne Tha God was among nine donors to contribute to the One Brooklyn Fund in 2020, just months before the Brooklyn borough president’s primary win in the Democratic mayoral race.
A lot more than 42 votes separate upstart candidate Marko Kepi and David Carr, who is backed by the Staten Island Republican Party. A loss for Carr would mean another upset for the local GOP — and perhaps another sign of the former president’s influence.
Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Ingrid Lewis-Martin, the $172,000 gatekeeper for the Democratic mayoral candidate, kept her day job as she made tens of thousands aiding his effort to become the city’s next chief executive.
Preliminary findings suggest most New Yorkers took to the new system, though Eric Adams and other critics charged that poor education efforts essentially disenfranchised some voters. The full story could rest in the raw data for all ballots cast.
Though the city Board of Elections has yet to certify results, the former Council member gave up her Democratic primary fight against the incumbent Friday. Donovan accused her of racism in the days after the vote.
Eric Adams and his fellow male candidates out-fundraised the women by a six-to-one margin, and did even better with super PAC support. But Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley relied on the public campaign system to come closest to making history.
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Follow the leading four Democratic mayoral candidates as they vied for votes across the city — and see how their stumping paid off.
The Democratic mayoral candidate and scandal-scarred governor put on a united front Wednesday and pledged to work together to quell gun violence. But after eight years of the Cuomo-de Blasio war, is an Albany-City Hall ceasefire on tap?
Political newcomer Kristin Richardson Jordan leads by just 104 votes over the longtime Harlem leader, who many say has been absent from his post in recent years following serious health problems.
After the AOC revolution rocked the party, Bronx Democratic leaders picked winners across the spectrum, from the moderate mayoral candidate to left-leaning Council hopefuls. “It’s a new day in The Bronx,” declared party leader Jamaal Bailey.
There will be at least eight names on the ballot for mayor come Nov. 2, and the Working Families Party line is still up in the air. Odds are most don’t have much of a chance in this heavily Democratic town, but anything can happen in New York...
The conservative news outlet spent $25,000 to tout the ex-rep’s backing from the ex-president, who also did a robocall for him. Newsmax’s paid promotion got logged as a political ad by Facebook — but isn’t covered by city public campaign-finance rules.
The borough president race in Queens between incumbent Donovan Richards and former Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley is so close it may hit the threshold for an automatic hand recount. Meanwhile, races apparently wrapped in the other boroughs — including an upset in the Staten Island GOP contest.
Kathryn Garcia, who came within 8,400 votes of making history, stepped aside along with third-place finisher Maya Wiley. Meanwhile, Eric Adams took a victory lap, trumpeting his win as “an everyday blue-collar worker.”
Will the presumed next mayor be friendly to charter schools? How will he get along with educator unions that didn’t endorse him? How will he tackle integration? Here’s a look at how it could all shake out.
The Brooklyn Council member held a seemingly insurmountable 24,000-plus lead over the Council speaker, who conceded the fight for the Democratic nomination to become the city’s fiscal watchdog.