The forecast for an additional $1.8 billion in revenue has spawned tensions over how much further Adams’ $107 billion financial plan can stretch.
The Parks Department on Monday told the City Council that it needs many more employees patrolling pools, parks and forests.
The Housing Authority seeks city funds to remedy hundreds of violations for faulty brickwork, but the Office of Management and Budget says budget rules prevent it.
Despite a law passed by City Council ordering the NYPD to evaluate the work of its Equal Employment Opportunity Division, no assessment has been done.
Civilian Complaint Review Board interim chair Arva Rice said Wednesday that a new unit launched in October to investigate racial profiling and police bias won’t have enough funds to operate past June under the mayor’s proposed budget.
While NYC’s public libraries avoided deep budget cuts last week, most libraries in public schools lack a leader — and that hurts students, educators say.
The pop-up art show curated from a civil liberties perspective is about ‘29 million dreams deferred.’
The $106.7 billion executive budget will be negotiated with the City Council, which had previously blasted some of the mayor’s cuts.
Providing shelter and other aid for asylum-seekers is projected to cost $4.3 billion in the current and next city budget.
Fiscal watchdogs have raised alarms over growing deficits and Mayor Adams has proposed across-the-board cuts. But the City Council isn’t having it.
The Independent Budget Office, at the behest of Councilmember Gale Brewer, finds debts for violations like parking and sanitation tickets are growing.
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The period for residents to vote on which projects their local City Council member will fund runs through April 2.
City Council’s own elected leader, Adrienne Adams of Queens, said she wants to put ‘people over everything.’
The Department of Investigation has seen a 10% decrease in staffing that has slowed down investigations and reports, the commissioner told the City Council — and is now facing further funding reductions.
Thousands of ventilators de Blasio commissioned for $12 million sell as scrap metal for less than $25K.
The MTA and programs for renewable energy and mental health receive boosts — but progressives’ minimum wage hike and corporate tax hike demands got no traction.
Industry groups and advocates put the heat on Adams and Hochul to tap higher-than-expected tax revenue for housing, homeless shelters, job training and more.
The police department was previously budgeted for $454 million in overtime pay for the current fiscal year — but is already on pace to spend over $820 million.
The financial plan released Thursday sets up a monthslong process of negotiation and hearings within the City Council.
At an MTA hearing on Wednesday, board members also approved a budget that anticipates service cuts and fare hikes.