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Coverage of Brownsville, Brooklyn

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Ex-Cop Released By NYPD Chief After Gun Arrest Says He’s the Victim — Not ‘Terrified’ Boys

Supporters rallied Thursday in support of Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, who reportedly voided the arrest of Kruythoff Forrester after the retired officer allegedly chased three children while holding a pistol. Forrester told NBC New York he never pulled his gun.

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NYPD Internal Affairs Investigating Release of Ex-Cop Accused of Pulling Gun on Kids, Family Says

News of the probe comes after THE CITY revealed that NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey voided the arrest of retired officer Kruythoff Forrester in the pre-Thanksgiving incident that sent the Brooklyn youths, ages 12 to 14, fleeing "terrified."

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Brooklyn Residents File Civil Rights Complaint Seeking to Pause Gas Pipeline

Grassroots groups announce petition to federal agencies demanding review they say state failed to give to National Grid project running from Brownsville to Greenpoint.

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Part Two of Brownsville Police Pull-Back Program Shows Success Even in Warm Weather

"To capture the spirit of what was going on on the block, and how it made everybody feel and lifted everybody’s spirits, is not something that you can really put in words," one participant said.

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Five Days Without Cops: Could Brooklyn Policing Experiment be a ‘Model for the Future’?

NYPD officers in Brownsville temporarily withdrew from part of Mother Gaston Boulevard as violence interrupter groups and city agencies stepped in. One elected official called the pilot program "defund the police in actuality."

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NYPD Cop in Protester-Shoving Left Trail of Rough Policing Complaints in Brownsville

Days before the viral video showing a young woman knocked to the ground during Brooklyn protest, a Council member called de Blasio to blast officer and his boss.

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COVID Sends Public Housing-Zone Residents to Hospitals At Unusually High Rates

New state data shows residents of ZIP codes with NYCHA developments are likelier than other New Yorkers to get sick enough to need inpatient care.

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Brownsville Parents Transform Local Supermarkets Into Kid Learning Zones

Two Brooklyn groceries host scavenger hunts to stimulate young brains, using a new character: Blake the Bumblebee. Parents hope to expand the program.

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City Probers Flagged Anti-Violence Group Cited After Brownsville Shooting

Investigators slammed Man Up!’s Andre Mitchell for financial and hiring practices while getting taxpayer funds, records obtained by THE CITY show.

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Youth-led Brooklyn Garden Plan Tangled in Years of Confusion

After three years of work, a game of bureaucratic hot-potato throws kids’ hopes for a vegetable patch on a city-owned dumping ground into jeopardy.


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Brownsville Demands Action in Wake of Mass Shooting

Some say Mayor de Blasio’s $9 million criminal justice budget boost isn’t enough as local activists set own priorities for healing the community.

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Two Elderly Women Slain, But Still No Security Cameras

City Hall’s focus on safety improvements for just 15 public housing complexes picked five years ago leaves some residents living in fear.