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Protest songs filled the hallways with demands to boost funding for Right to Counsel program — and pause eviction cases where attorneys are not assigned.
Salmar Properties spent $28,000 on a top influence firm, on top of campaign donations to Eric Adams from family members that exceeded legal limits.
Cops say they spotted a small bag of heroin but the case was dropped. Now a lawsuit is seeking justice — and compensation.
Some 500 asylum-seekers slept in a school gym on Staten Island over the weekend. By Monday city officials had identified six more gyms, all in Brooklyn, to cope with an evolving emergency.
Prohibited donations from business associates and dozens of missing refund check copies spurred scrutiny of the mayor’s inauguration.
Brooklyn Councilmember Sandy Nurse looks to create consequences for locking tenants out.
‘We just want a dignified place to sell,’ one vendor at the unpermitted Brooklyn pop-up market implored at a community meeting that drew more than 100 attendees.
NYCHA sends maintenance workers to clean up after each new effusion, but “they’re not hitting the root cause” as sidewalks permanently stained brown force pedestrians to detour into oncoming traffic.
As bidding goes on secretly, concerns grow over how new buyers will treat vulnerable rent-stabilized buildings.
The lawsuit filed last week, which Whitehead calls ‘frivolous,’ is the latest legal challenge facing the longtime mentee and friend of Mayor Eric Adams.
Hacker outage took down medical systems at hospitals serving some of the city’s neediest neighborhoods. More than 235,000 people may have had personal info taken, lawsuit alleges.
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Executives of the Brooklyn-founded seafood restaurant have been accused of a “Ponzi scheme,” an “undercapitalization scam” and “illegal deception.”
A quartet of investors say they’re only helping the dispossessed get what’s due. But their actions have exploited family divisions — and relatives on both sides of the deals say they’ve been ripped off.
Public Advocate Jumaane Williams on Monday became the only elected official to validate the three boys’ claims that ex-cop Kruythoff Forrester chased them for seven minutes and pointed a gun at them in Nov. 2021.
A pet store owner is among the first to get a license following lifting of an injunction on weed sales in the borough. But most applicants are still waiting.
Warmer weather and other ecosystem shifts have the city’s gardeners and foresters staring at ‘existential questions in horticulture.’
They’re the entry level of local government, but what do community boards really do? And how are members chosen? It’s application season, so here’s a guide for anyone who wants to get involved.
Though too toxic to eat, the seaweed in Newtown Creek, Gowanus Bay and the East River could suck up carbon and pollutants, bolstering marine ecosystems.
Former judge Laura Lee Jacobson says a political panel wrongly smeared her reputation and ruined her judicial career.
Mayor stands by Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey following THE CITY’s video investigation of the 2021 incident — while an attorney for three boys who alleged an ex-officer menaced them demands further investigation.