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Bronx Defenders

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New York Judges Lock the Accused Out of Their Homes, Skirting Review Required by Landmark Ruling, Critics Charge

An appellate court ordered hearings for defendants facing orders of protection that could separate them from their homes and families. But some judges — following a memo from state court officials — aren’t adhering to the ruling, defense lawyers say.

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City Moves to Take Students Off Mute in Juvenile Lockups, But Due Date Elusive

Nine months after being forced to reckon with remote-learning for kids in detention centers, the city’s Administration for Children’s Services and Department of Education are trying to figure out how to get students’ voices heard.

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He’s 67, With Renal Disease, an Eviction Case and No Help Finding a Home

For more than a year, Alvin Linton has pleaded for Adult Protective Services to help him avoid joining the growing ranks of 1,400 elderly homeless.

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Dropped Arrest Records Haunt Legions of New Yorkers

A lawsuit alleges officers are illegally using information from arrests that have been sealed — spelling dire consequences for those with records. The Bronx Defenders is suing the New York Police Department.


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