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The city’s two contested DA primaries this year will determine who serves as the top prosecutor in The Bronx and Queens, setting the tone for how those counties address legal system reforms — or not.
Not a single person spoke in favor of the board’s proposed rent increases at a sparse but vocal airing of testimony at Hostos Community College.
The Ghetto Brothers’ unexpected response to his death after he tried to mediate a clash between two other gangs inspired the movie ‘The Warriors’ and paved the way to the birth of hip-hop. Can you dig it?
Protest songs filled the hallways with demands to boost funding for Right to Counsel program — and pause eviction cases where attorneys are not assigned.
From the Barrymores to the Palmieris, the first families of American entertainment have graced the stages of the four-story building in Mott Haven.
The Council member has racked up major union endorsements in what is expected to be one of this year’s most competitive races after she backed a controversial development plan.
The annual Bronx River Flotilla marks the start of free summer canoeing on New York City’s only freshwater river. Up for it? Get ready for smooth cruising, some waterfalls — and trash.
We obtained the NYPD’s full investigation into the killing of Kawaski Trawick, including documents and audio of interviews with the officers. The records provide a rare window into how exactly a police department examines its own after a shooting.
Supreme Court Judge Ralph Fabrizio flip-flopped a second time today after inquiries by THE CITY. Prosecutors and defense lawyers had accused him of erratic behavior in other cases.
As bidding goes on secretly, concerns grow over how new buyers will treat vulnerable rent-stabilized buildings.
York Studios, which opened its Michaelangelo Campus for film and TV shoots in 2019, wants to add a second studio with a 60-foot ceiling.
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Dissatisfied after seven months of negotiations, hundreds of teaching assistants are ditching classes through Wednesday.
Court administrators refused to comment on the future role of Justice Naita Semaj-Williams, who drew tabloid and law enforcement ire after releasing a man accused of manslaughter without bail.
The target of the taunt is calling for a CB11 board member to step down following an obscene gesture during a fairly routine committee meeting.
Trawick’s parents and supporters are calling for the termination of officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis — as has happened to only one officer, based on a probe by the Civilian Complaint Review Board, since 2012.
DOT is expanding car-share spots in the northeast Bronx. Locals say the agency has ignored calls to place the spots on private property instead of city streets.
Warmer weather and other ecosystem shifts have the city’s gardeners and foresters staring at ‘existential questions in horticulture.’
They’re the entry level of local government, but what do community boards really do? And how are members chosen? It’s application season, so here’s a guide for anyone who wants to get involved.
The city originally presented its redesign plan in 2008. Two mayors later, the city says it won’t start work until late 2024 and won’t finish until at least late 2027.
Saheed Adebayo Aare has gone from unstable housing and a nightmare commute to feeling that anything is possible in the Big Apple.
Proposed measure from Brooklyn City Councilmember Shahana Hanif seeks animal freedom a high-profile lawsuit failed to achieve.