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Proposed measure from Brooklyn City Councilmember Shahana Hanif seeks animal freedom a high-profile lawsuit failed to achieve.
The contract would maintain workers’ medical coverage, but the Bronx Realty Advisory Board, which represents building owners, can end the deal after one year.
Superintendents, porters, door attendants and handypersons in hundreds of private residential buildings are negotiating to keep their healthcare benefits, and boost their wages.
People can apply to the crucial volunteer positions in Spanish now — but no one has actually done so.
Yet the Bronx public administrator for the “widows and orphans” court has already spent more than half of the money.
To address the longstanding problem of maintaining good attendance, some leaders are cracking down so the boards can keep functioning.
They’re the entry level of local government, but what do community boards really do? And how are members chosen? It’s application season, so here’s a guide for anyone who wants to get involved.
The group planning to demolish a 19th-century church and replace it with supportive housing told Rafael Salamanca Jr. that it had informed CB1 of its plans in December, but CB1 says it didn’t even have a meeting that month.
A handful of tenants were accepted at first — then rejected after being asked to document their incomes.
In a pilot program at NYCHA, households with induction stoves showed a 35% decrease in nitrogen dioxide and a nearly 43% difference in carbon monoxide.
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The volunteer bodies often play a crucial advisory role in local decision-making, but that only works if they can form a quorum.
More than 600 adjuncts and non-tenure track faculty are preparing to strike at the end of the month to demand more from the Jesuit institution with a billion-dollar endowment.
More than 7,000 nurses returned to work Thursday morning after reaching a tentative agreement for better staffing ratios. At Montefiore, nurses won a 19% wage increase over three years.
The unfair labor practice charge comes as nurses at Montefiore and Mount Sinai strike for a third consecutive day.
The allegation, which the medical center denies, came as the 7,000-member strike at Montefiore and Mount Sinai hospitals stretched into a second day.
A handful of private buildings are responsible for a vastly outsized share of heat complaints, according to a new report from the city comptroller’s office.
The proposed new sites, at Verdi Square and in Fordham Heights, would join one already announced at City Hall Park in converting vacant newsstands into charging and rest stations.
It started with the inauguration of Mayor Eric Adams and a tragic fire in The Bronx and saw historic labor actions and a blistering election along the way.
Sources say the interrogations are being conducted by NYPD officers and DA detective investigators, which some view as an intimidation tactic.
Grassroots Grocery has a charismatic founder, a compelling origin story and a six-figure reserve fund that mutual-aid workers and organizers in the borough say are the fruits of “poverty pimping.”