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Many of Cuomo’s Big Transit Projects Remain Divisive, Incomplete

The governor portrayed himself as the second coming of master builder Robert Moses and ruled the MTA with an iron fist. As he’s set to depart office with a host of transportation projects in flux, transit advocates say some should be scrapped.

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Cyclists Snub Brooklyn Bridge as Other Spans Draw More Pedal Power

Even as bike sales get a pandemic boost, two-wheeled traffic drops along the New York City icon’s notoriously narrow shared path. Meanwhile, the other East River bridges are seeing a bicycle boom.

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Bridge and Tunnel Traffic Plunge Takes a Toll on MTA Budget

Traffic plummeted 63% over the previous year in the first week of Gov. Cuomo’s New York "pause." That also means a revenue hit for subways and buses.

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Light at the End of the Bridge for Staten Island Cyclists

Nearly two years past its due date, the path along the $1.5 billion Goethals Bridge is gearing up to safely handle bikes and pedestrians.

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Don’t Look Down: Short Fencing Makes RFK Bridge Path High Risk, Critics Say

A low barrier, about four feet high, is all that prevents pedestrians and cyclists on the Triborough Bridge from taking an unwanted plunge.

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Suicide Prevention Hotline to the Rescue on RFK Bridge

Hours after THE CITY reported the absence of advertised emergency phones along the span’s pedestrian path, the MTA installed one.

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RFK Bridge’s Suicide Prevention Sign’s Phone Promise Doesn’t Ring True

A sign on the former Triborough Bridge proclaims "phone ahead." But no such lifeline exists on the pedestrian section of the span.

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Pol Prods DOT for Separate Walk/Bike Lanes on Queensboro Bridge

Queens Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer wants the Department of Transportation to create another path amid repairs on the 59th Street Bridge.


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