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Staten Island is the Only Borough Without a Bike Share Program. Now it’s Set to Pedal Back to Life

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Staten Island Was Promised a Bike Share Program. Now It’s the Only Borough Without One

The spring deadline for dockless bikes has come and gone. There’s no new timeline with Staten Island’s public transportation options reduced during the pandemic.

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Dockless Bike Share Expands on Hilly Staten Island — Sans Electric Pedal Assist

London-based Beryl will bring 1,000 bikes to the borough — but not the energy jolt many riders count on to scale Staten Island’s steep stretches.

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Reversing Course, Dockless Bike Share to Roll on in the Rockaways

After THE CITY revealed planned shutdown of cycle program along the Queens shore, Department of Transportation gives two-wheelers another whirl.

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Dockless Bike-Share Grows in Staten Island, Brakes in Bronx and Queens

The planned expansion of Citi Bike coincides with the end of the rival program everywhere except Staten Island, where it will expand borough-wide.


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