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Dream of Connected NYC Greenway Re-Envisioned as Path to COVID Recovery

Fans of foot power are hoping President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan can help link the disjointed system of bike and footpaths across the five boroughs. The idea’s gained momentum amid the pandemic bike boom.

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Cyclists Snub Brooklyn Bridge as Other Spans Draw More Pedal Power

Even as bike sales get a pandemic boost, two-wheeled traffic drops along the New York City icon’s notoriously narrow shared path. Meanwhile, the other East River bridges are seeing a bicycle boom.

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Two-Wheel Traffic Up on Bridges, But Cash-Strapped City Can’t Expand Crowded Bike Lanes

Transportation officials concede cycling advocates are right about the need for more bike space on the Queensboro and Brooklyn bridges — but say there’s nothing they can do about it now.

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Staten Island Was Promised a Bike Share Program. Now It’s the Only Borough Without One

The spring deadline for dockless bikes has come and gone. There’s no new timeline with Staten Island’s public transportation options reduced during the pandemic.

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Citi Bike Races Into Upper Manhattan to Help Health Workers

Docking station opens Tuesday outside Columbia Medical Center in Washington Heights, in bike sharing service’s first foray north of Harlem.

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Light at the End of the Bridge for Staten Island Cyclists

Nearly two years past its due date, the path along the $1.5 billion Goethals Bridge is gearing up to safely handle bikes and pedestrians.

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Dockless Bike Share Expands on Hilly Staten Island — Sans Electric Pedal Assist

London-based Beryl will bring 1,000 bikes to the borough — but not the energy jolt many riders count on to scale Staten Island’s steep stretches.

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Don’t Look Down: Short Fencing Makes RFK Bridge Path High Risk, Critics Say

A low barrier, about four feet high, is all that prevents pedestrians and cyclists on the Triborough Bridge from taking an unwanted plunge.

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Some Local Pols Want City to Slow Down on New Bike Lane Push

Mayor de Blasio proposed an 80-mile "green wave" of protected bike lanes by 2021 amid a spike in deaths. But City Council members aren’t all on board.

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Mayor Declares Bicycle ‘Emergency’ While Prior Safety Plan Stalls

Dangerous swaths of Brooklyn and Queens still lack bike lanes two years into a five-year targeted expansion program.


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Pol Prods DOT for Separate Walk/Bike Lanes on Queensboro Bridge

Queens Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer wants the Department of Transportation to create another path amid repairs on the 59th Street Bridge.

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Cyclists and Pedestrians Seek Their Own Paths on the Queensboro Bridge

With bike use rising, vehicular traffic falling and congestion pricing coming, transportation advocates want to overhaul the 59th Street span.