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Ben Carson

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Trump HUD Cuts Target Public Housing Fixes and Apartment Vouchers

Local Congressional leaders assail planned budget slashing, which come as NYCHA battles mold and lead, and city grapples with housing crisis.

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City Hall Ignores Comptroller’s Rejection of NYCHA Monitor Bill

After the comptroller rejected the monitor’s $12M contract, the de Blasio administration rejected his authority to examine millions in invoices.

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Stringer Bounces NYCHA’s $12 Million Federal Monitor Deal

Comptroller rejects contract with Bart Schwartz and his firm — citing cost concerns along with THE CITY’s reporting on past ties and billing issues.

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HUD Secretary Carson Claims Fewer ‘Horrible Things’ in NYC Public Housing

The housing boss argued there’s been "substantial improvement" at NYCHA — even as tab to fix the ailing home to 400k New Yorkers rises to $42 billion.

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City Spends $3M for Public Housing Advice it Already Paid $10M For

A consulting firm’s report calling for an overhaul of NYCHA management echoes a 2012 document produced by another company, THE CITY’s review found.

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Public Housing Workers Tried to Fool the Feds on Building Repairs

Three NYCHA staffers have been suspended for allegedly tricking HUD inspectors by falsely claiming fixes had been completed, THE CITY has learned.

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Public Housing’s Federal Monitor Presented a $20 Million Bill

Bart Schwartz wants big taxpayer bucks for him and his team as NYCHA grapples with lead and other woes. We look at some fixes $20 million could cover.

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NYCHA’s New $400,000 Boss Faces Backlash Over Pay and Hours

Gregory Russ won’t start until Aug. 12 and will regularly visit Minnesota — drawing criticism from public housing residents and public officials.

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New NYCHA Boss to Reap Record $400K Payday

Gregory Russ, who ran public housing in Minneapolis and Cambridge, Mass., won’t tackle the nation’s largest public housing system until August.

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Meet NYCHA’s New Boss: A Fan of Private Management of Public Housing

Gregory Russ, who ran housing in Minnesota and Cambridge, has been tapped to head the nation’s biggest public housing system, THE CITY has learned.


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HUD Rule Change Could Rip Apart Families in NYC Public Housing

Secretary Ben Carson’s push to purge undocumented immigrants from federally subsidized public housing could hit home hard for New Yorkers.