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Coverage of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

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Eric Adams Misses City Inspectors Again After Illegal Apartment Complaint on His Brooklyn Building

The mayoral frontrunner promised to let the city he hopes to run inspect his home, but officials stuck up a new notice on his door Friday. He finally connected with buildings department officials Tuesday after inquiries by THE CITY.

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The Open Newsroom Is Back — Virtually. We’ve Got a Lot to Talk About…

Join THE CITY for a Zoom-powered discussion about coronavirus on Thursday, April 30, at 6 p.m. ET. Help us make local news more collaborative.

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Two Brooklyn Schools Set to ‘Merge’ for Integration, Space

Fort Greene’s popular lottery-based school Arts & Letters is set to move into PS 305, an under-enrolled school in Bed-Stuy.

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Another ‘Worst Landlord’ Nod for Troubled Housing Group

Tenants and contractor say Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corp. owes them big money as it sells buildings through bankruptcy.

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Two Brooklyn Schools Prepare for Merger That Would Further Student Integration

As other desegregation battles flare, Fort Greene’s Arts & Letters aims to fold into Bed-Stuy’s PS 305 to reduce crowding and boost diversity.

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Troubled Nonprofit Gets Payout in Flip of Bed-Stuy Landmark to Upscale Developer

City deed restriction removal paved the way for a court-ordered $12 million sale of a historic building supposed to be used for "youth development."

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Bed-Stuy Tenants Bid to Evict Nonprofit Landlord Over Dire Conditions

NEBHDCo, entrusted by the city with nearly 1,000 Brooklyn apartments, strikes a tentative deal to sell some buildings amid violations and bankruptcy.

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Bed-Stuy School District Pushes to End Gifted Program it Fought to Create

The Community Education Council in Brooklyn’s District 16 urged Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Richard Carranza to try a more inclusive approach.

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The Open Newsroom’s Second Round Is Coming. Sign Up Now

Our year-long project with Brooklyn Public Library to explore how to make local news more collaborative returns with new meet-ups in August.

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Success Academy ‘Dumped’ Elementary School Student at Precinct, Suit Charges

A Brooklyn branch of the charter school also repeatedly suspended the special-needs youth and called child services to push him out, lawsuit claims.


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