Suhail Bhat

Suhail is THE CITY’s data reporter, responsible for bringing numbers to life. Previously, he was a data and graphics reporter at Louisville Public Media, where he covered the Ohio Valley and received the “Best Use of Data” award for his COVID-19 coverage from the Society of Professional Journalists, Louisville. Suhail is an engineer turned journalist, a graduate of Columbia Journalism School, and a former Reuters News correspondent.

A 2016 law directed police to issue civil citations for public urination, open alcohol containers and other quality-of-life violations. Then Eric Adams became mayor.
An analysis by THE CITY of workers compensation claims found thousands more workplace injuries, beyond those explicitly attributed to heat, on days 85 degrees or hotter.
New York City’s economic recovery continues to lag the nation’s.
Tracking our pandemic recovery
Outpost Club promises hassle-free, low-commitment entree into Bushwick, Ridgewood and other trendy neighborhoods. Some residents are on rent strike and demanding their apartments get their regulated status restored.
A new study finds that 3.8 million New Yorkers experience temperatures at least 10 degrees hotter because of urban development. Enter your address to discover how this impacts you.
A ghost gun hobbyist who’s fighting charges after building an arsenal in his apartment is hoping the data could help overturn some of the city’s remaining restrictions on guns possession.
NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell, appointed to the role under Mayor Adams, has been unapologetic about the aggressive new tactic.
Work related to film and television production accounts for some 5% of all jobs in the city.
The first three months of 2023 saw an increase of nearly 600% in police vehicle pursuits, part of an effort to ratchet up “quality of life” enforcement.
THE CITY’s June economic recovery analysis shows a jump in office usage, and a small boost on job and unemployment figures.
Who represents you and who wants the job? How has your district changed? And who are the neighbors voting with you?
Cash assistance and other public benefits are helping more New Yorkers weather an economic climate that’s still tough.
We tracked dozens of data points on mental health support in NYC schools. Do they call 911 on students in crisis? Are there enough social workers and guidance counselors? Enter your school name below to find out.
Publishing data about 1,575 of NYC schools meant combining data from two city agencies. Here’s how we did it.
Data analysis by THE CITY shows that certain NYPD precincts have a higher proportion of inexperienced new police officers than others — and that officers tend to receive more complaints at the early stages of their careers.
Despite headlines of layoffs and plummeting profits, $33.7 billion given out in 2022 bonuses reflects a modest decline and growing workforce.
The latest data show job gains, even as the banking crisis and cost-saving technologies could pose threats to overall employment.
Updated state figures show almost 4.7 million jobs, surpassing projections.
New data from the housing group JustFix shows thousands of NYC apartments didn’t register as rent-stabilized — even after a 2019 law required continued controls with few exceptions.