Suhail Bhat

Suhail is THE CITY’s data reporter, responsible for bringing numbers to life. Previously, he was a data and graphics reporter at Louisville Public Media, where he covered the Ohio Valley and received the “Best Use of Data” award for his COVID-19 coverage from the Society of Professional Journalists, Louisville. Suhail is an engineer turned journalist, a graduate of Columbia Journalism School, and a former Reuters News correspondent.

NYPD records show all of the recent growth in vehicle collisions is taking place during late nights and weekends, when state law shuts down automated ticketing of speeding vehicles. Albany is now weighing a bill that would turn the cameras on 24/7.
NYC unemployment dropped to 6.5% as the service industry continued to add jobs.
The worst-performing subway escalator in The Bronx — at the Gun Hill Road stop on the No. 2 and 5 lines — is also one of the newest in the borough, having been in service 17 years at the station. Most Bronx subway escalators are more than 20 years old.
In another sign of recovery, Wall Street bonuses were up 20% over last year.
The uptick comes as a new variant, B.A.2, spreads in New York, and mask mandates in schools have been lifted for most students.
Local leaders vow tough consequences for violence against Asians, Jews and other discriminated-against groups. But just 15% result in a hate crime conviction — and just 1% in The Bronx.
Homeless families are getting city decisions to deny shelter overturned in growing numbers — and applying over and over again.
City records show 18,305 open code violations for apartment and stairwell doors that fail to spring shut on recent inspections — the malfunction that made a recent Bronx fire so deadly. The problem has persisted despite past tragedies and stepped-up penalties for landlords, even in buildings next door to those that burned.