Stephon Johnson

While pre-election polls showed a close race, Democrats’ overwhelming registration advantage and late get-out-the-vote effort were enough for the incumbent to prevail.
Residents say they fear more pollution in an area that was hit hard by 9/11 and COVID-19 and are demanding a new environmental assessment that factors in the pandemic.
After the Landmarks Preservation Commission finally approved a plan at a site where it has rejected proposals since 1983, a judge halted the plan.
A visit to the apartment of one tenant shows how problems that aren’t solved in a timely fashion only get worse.
“This is a return to the worst behavior of the university who thinks they don’t live with us, they live above us,” one local official charged as Columbia said it had given the school ample notice its time was up.
A new review by Comptroller Brad Lander shows that buildings have become much less secure since 2018.
The Society for the Advancement of Judaism had rented to the Upper West Side Republican Club before the pandemic, but after Jan. 6 they weren’t interested in letting the group return for an event with Dick Morris.
New York’s first licensed retail weed establishments are expected to open in early 2023. But a slate of smoke shop robberies could point toward a cloudy future.
The East Tremont legend known for his determination and charisma owned a store that’s woven itself into the borough’s fabric.