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Flood Insurance Hikes Haunt Homeowners Still Recovering From Ida and Henri

A revamp of FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program aiming for fairness will have most New Yorkers paying more, an analysis by THE CITY finds. Ideas are flowing for how to help households pay.

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Landmark NYC Climate Change Hazard Plan Bill Set for Approval After Ida ‘Wake-up Call’

City Hall would be required to create a citywide climate adaptation plan to evaluate threats that include sea-level rise and possible wildfire — as well as extreme heat, wind and rain. The measure would go beyond the post-Sandy focus on storm surge.

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What the Five Ballot Proposal Questions Mean for New Yorkers this November

The handful of ballot proposals being decided on Nov. 2 touch on the future of political representation in Albany, environmental rights for citizens, making it easier to vote and how New York’s civil court functions.

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Lights Out Feared for NYC New Community Solar Projects as State Credits Fade

Bringing solar energy to the city is already a challenge. It’s about to get even harder with tens of millions of dollars in incentives for city-friendly solar projects about a month away from drying up, clean energy advocates say.

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Some NYC Workers Battling ‘Long COVID’ Find Chances for Accommodations Remote

A municipal employee whose doctor said she needs to work from home was forced to go to a city office — just so she could have online meetings with colleagues elsewhere. De Blasio’s back-to-the-office order is straining some long haulers dealing with ongoing debilitating symptoms.

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Hochul Shows Shades of Green, Offering Hope She’ll Kill Queens Fossil Fuel Plant

The governor threw her support behind the creation of two electricity transmission lines that would bring clean energy into the city. That suggests to environmentalists that she’ll kill plans for a gas-powered "peaker" plant in Astoria. But Hochul’s not saying...

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Pols Call on Hochul to Revisit Rate Hike Tied to Controversial Brooklyn Pipeline

More than two dozen Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island officials demand review of a state commission decision to have National Grid customers pay for fossil fuel projects.

COVID Death Toll Among 9/11 First Responders and Survivors Nears Grim Milestone

Almost 100 people enrolled in the World Trade Center Health Program have died from the virus, though advocates believe many others beyond the registry have succumbed. Meanwhile, thousands left vulnerable by 9/11 illnesses have contracted COVID.

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Lessons From NYC’s Children of 9/11 Help the Kids of COVID as School Resumes

The terror attacks showed how schools can offer mental health support after an unprecedented crisis, experts say. But because no two disasters are the same, the city faces new challenges in helping students forever upended by the pandemic.

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Ida-Deluged NYC Drainage System All But Forgotten in Climate Battle

Recent projects have expanded sewer capacity in some neighborhoods. But antiquated storm pipes leave the city vulnerable to the new normal of massive rain storms. "We need to rainproof New York City," one expert said.