Sam Rabiyah

Sam is THE CITY’s news apps developer. He is a multidisciplinary technologist who works at the intersection of counter-mapping, data visualization, and oral history. Previously, Sam was the data lead at JustFix, where he created tools and interactive media to support tenant organizing. His projects have been featured in ProPublica, CityLab, Gothamist, and the New York Times.

At a time when most tenants in Housing Court lack an attorney, and lawyers are going on strike, official review of the ‘Right to Counsel’ law won’t start until the work week ends.
New data from the housing group JustFix shows thousands of NYC apartments didn’t register as rent-stabilized — even after a 2019 law required continued controls with few exceptions.
Data from a housing nonprofit, obtained exclusively by THE CITY, shows where thousands of rent-stabilized units remain unaccounted for by the state.
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Three years after a 2019 overhaul was supposed to stop landlords from removing most apartments from rent stabilization, thousands are left unaccounted for.
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Housing officials say that landlords registered 38,000 vacant units so far this year, down from the 60,000 reported in 2021. Landlords are still pressing for an end to restrictions they say keep apartments offline.