Rosalind Adams

Rosalind Adams is an investigative reporter for THE CITY. She was previously an investigative reporter at BuzzFeed News, and her work has also appeared in Barron’s, ProPublica, the Center for Public Integrity and the Miami Herald.

Dozens of New Yorkers pilloried the state agency’s handling of weed’s rollout but the Office of Cannabis Management posted video of the meeting without their remarks, claiming that was a way “not to amplify the threats of self harm.”
The state’s 11 medical marijuana companies are cleared to enter the adult-use marketplace.
New York promised to put independent businesses at the heart of the legal pot industry. Now major medical marijuana companies are making their play amid the state’s stalled retail launch.
A private-equity spigot begins to open after months of delay in the state’s cannabis program, with the stores those loans are supporting expected to open in the fall.
A battle over who is entitled to early retail licenses has flared to the point where an upstate judge implored the two sides to reach a compromise before a hearing in two weeks.
Two residents have come forward with new accusations of harassment and threats, while four employees say bosses shorted their pay at the converted hotel the nonprofit is still running.
A kitchen worker’s intimidating behavior was just part of the hostile atmosphere at a Brooklyn facility funded by a $10 million city contract, an investigation by THE CITY reveals.
Reuben McDaniel, a member of the state’s Cannabis Control Board and the CEO of the authority struggling to set up licensees with stores, plans to step down from the Board this week.
Officials pledge loans and cost caps, but an angry license-holder calls current practices ‘downright shady.’
As bidding goes on secretly, concerns grow over how new buyers will treat vulnerable rent-stabilized buildings.