Reuven Blau

Reuven is a reporter for THE CITY. He previously worked at the Daily News, NY Post and The Chief-Leader.

Medical institutions across the state have taken hundreds of beds assigned to mental health out of commission in the last few years. The governor says it’s time to bring them back or pay up.
The city’s jails commissioner wants the system, but the Board of Correction is letting his proposal stay in limbo — a win for opponents who call it illegally intrusive.
Bruce McIntyre, who became an advocate for preventing maternal mortality following Isaac’s death, is still fighting for legal rights to their child due to The Bronx’s clogged Surrogate’s Court.
Authors and other experts say the racial imbalance will likely continue unless there’s a multifaceted effort to reform other areas such as housing, education, and mental health services.
Joseph Foster’s eight siblings planned to use the money for a reunion and memorial, but the city’s notorious estate court has held on to the funds for nearly a year.
A majority of City Council members plus the public advocate say they want to get rid of so-called punitive segregation — but some jail staff aren’t so sure.
A Department of Correction captain and three officers are implicated in one scheme, which allegedly involved ID card check-ins when employees weren’t actually at the jail.
That’s not supposed to happen in a sanctuary city. Next week City Council takes up measures to strengthen that status.
When THE CITY highlighted Kareem Mayo’s plight — stuck in jail after being freed from a two-decade stint on murder charges — officials started making calls and got him sprung.