Reuven Blau

Reuven is a reporter for THE CITY. He previously worked at the Daily News, NY Post and The Chief-Leader.

The push for increased transparency behind bars comes months after the Department of Correction suddenly stopped notifying the media about fatal incidents in city jails.
Chaining people to desks for educational programs behind bars — in lieu of adequate staffing or training — actually leads to more violence, jail reform advocates say.
THE CITY in 2021 highlighted the story of David Herion and how his alleged victim, Carolyn Jones, had pushed to get him home to his family.
The city’s Correctional Health Services is covering up for the Department of Correction’s “incompetence,” the public defenders say.
Manhattan City Councilmember Carlina Rivera is among those pressing for transparency amid a record number of fatalities.
The medical examiner ruled Curtis Davis’ death a suicide by hanging, despite the initial internal report that said he was found unconscious on the floor.
Attorney General Letitia James recused herself from investigating a political ally whose health clinic gave Moderna shots weeks before they were authorized for public use.
Despite a mandate to return funds, the Department of Correction holds $4.2 million for people it claims it can’t locate.
The fight for control of city lockups will play out in court over the next few months.
A group of city lawmakers toured city jails and touted improvements. Almost all got campaign cash from the union representing jail personnel.
Judge Laura Taylor Swain will hear arguments Thursday for a Rikers takeover, informed by a report that finds ‘little progress’ on recommended reforms.
Shuttered Lefrak City library branch flooded during Ida and again in April.
A Bronx man served 16 years for a movie-house murder allegedly sparked by a fight over popcorn.
A 44-year-old detainee from Brooklyn is the second to die in a little more than one week at a Rikers jail for men.
Accused of fatally striking a cop with her car in 2021, the suspect says $1.25 million bail is unfairly high.
How many officers are working double or triple shifts? Without the data, the Board of Correction won’t be able to tell, a member says.
A year after its launch, the inter-agency team heralded to help reform Rikers Island has yet to issue a single report or update showing its work. Now a key player is leaving.
The devices are designed to improve access to medical benefits and housing for those just released.
In the height of summer, more than one in 10 public housing playgrounds currently is closed for repairs.
Appointed to help improve conditions at Rikers, the federal monitor asks a federal judge to further remove jail management from city officials.