Rachel Holliday Smith

Rachel is an associate editor for THE CITY. She leads explanatory and service journalism in the newsroom. Formerly, Rachel covered Manhattan for THE CITY. She is proud to have previously worked for WNYC, DNAinfo and NY1 News and written for The New York Times, Curbed New York, Gotham Gazette and others. Email Rachel at rsmith@thecity.nyc or follow her on Twitter: @rachelholliday.

The voting method is used in primaries for municipal offices only, not in state or federal races or general elections.
They’re the entry level of local government, but what do community boards really do? And how are members chosen? It’s application season, so here’s a guide for anyone who wants to get involved.
What’s on the ballot, when are the key deadlines, and can non-citizens vote this year? Here’s everything you need to know.
A lack of heat is illegal in the winter, according to city law. But tenants have to take action to push their landlord to crank up the temperature.
A record of your unit’s rental history from a state housing agency is the best place to start. Here’s how to get it.
A web of relief workers is still scrambling to help give newly arrived migrants what they need, including warm clothes, MetroCards and toiletries. Here’s how to lend a hand or donate.
Fires caused by the lithium-ion batteries in e-bikes, scooters and other mobile equipment are on the rise in New York City. Here’s how to stay safe, according to experts.
Most of the battery-related fires take place in working-class residential neighborhoods in Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx.
New Yorkers said yes to the Environmental Bond Act and approved changes proposed by the Racial Equity Commission.