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Katie Honan is a reporter for THE CITY. Previously, she covered City Hall for The Wall Street Journal, and neighborhoods in Queens for She also worked as a social media editor at NBC 4 New York. A Queens native, Honan graduated from St. John's University and the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.

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Trump Vows to Stay Put After de Blasio’s Bronx Golf Course Eviction Deadline

Attorney for ex-president tells judge Trump’s firm has a right to keep running the Ferry Point Park golf course past Nov. 14 — even if it loses its suit against the city for canceling its contract following the Jan. 6 insurrection.

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What’s Killing Hawks, Owls, Ducks and Squirrels in New York City Parks?

Rat poison appears to be playing a role in the demise of creatures like Central Park’s beloved Barry the Owl, necropsy reports obtained THE CITY show. But causes of death aren’t always clear — including a duck that may have drowned in Queens.

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‘Rushed’ Trump Golf Course Succession Passes City Board With Dissents

Comptroller Scott Stringer and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. vote no on proposed new operator — while Trump’s lawyer claims golf legend Jack Nicklaus has the final say.

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Trump Claims Bronx Golf Course Business Boomed After Jan. 6 Insurrection

Mayor de Blasio wants to end the ex-president’s operation of the public course, invoking his role in inciting the U.S. Capitol attack. Trump’s lawyers say the links in the shadow of the Whitestone Bridge have pulled in a record $8 million so far this year.

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De Blasio Refuses to Pay $320K Running Bill for Presidential Campaign NYPD Security

The mayor secretly asked whether taxpayers could pick up the tab for his police detail as he traversed the country — and was told no. He’s refusing to pony up, and has little campaign cash on hand as he flirts with a run for governor.

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De Blasio Slams Bronx Golf Deal He Cheered to Bump Trump, After Homeless Operator Exposé

THE CITY asked why a homeless shelter operator was set to take over Ferry Point Park links and other news outlets revealed self-dealing and sanctions. Now the mayor says he’s baffled why his Parks Department didn’t spot the red flags.

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As NYPD Pounds Dirt Bikes Into Scrap, Defiant Riders Cry Foul and Vroom On

Police say they’re on track to confiscate and crush up to 3,000 illegal ATVs and motorbikes by the end of the year — far more than in 2020. But owners, who argue their property is being unfairly destroyed, say they’re just seeking safe places to ride.

Homeless Shelter Operator Quits Bid to Dump Trump at Bronx Golf Course

CORE Services Group says it will have no part in de Blasio’s deal to find a new operator for Ferry Point links, after THE CITY exposed the outfit’s unlikely role. City Hall says an Atlanta firm is taking over — but Trump’s lawyers say they’ll regret it.

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Hear No Evil: De Blasio Visits Rikers But Doesn’t Talk to Detainees or Guards

The mayor took what one critic called a "sugar-coated" tour through the chaos-plagued jail complex Monday — marking his first visit in four years to the "nightmarish" lock-up.

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Google Won’t Take Office Building Tax Breaks That Amazon Searched For

The online search giant, which announced plans Tuesday to open a massive Manhattan headquarters, is forgoing the benefits Amazon sought to reap for its ill-fated Long Island City headquarters, THE CITY has learned.