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Jose is THE CITY’s transportation reporter. He previously worked on-air for six years at NY1 News, where he also hosted the weekly "In Transit." He is a veteran of the city’s tabloids, covering courts at the Daily News and the New York Post. He began at the Journal News in Westchester County.

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MTA Gets Rolling With Hiring Spree But Impact on Commute May Be Slow Going

Transit officials are starting to chip away at a worker shortage that has for months caused tens of thousands of bus and subway trips to be canceled or delayed, frustrating passengers. Meanwhile, overtime is rising for bus and subway workers.

Mets Station Accessibility Project Up In the Air as AirTrain Derails

The Mets-Willets Point complex — which serves anyone going to Citi Field, the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, the Queens Museum or Queens Night Market — is still inaccessible for LIRR passengers who can’t navigate stairs.

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MTA to Allow Live Remote Public Commenting for Board Meetings After Outcry

The new format, which also doubles the public comment period to 60 minutes, was especially welcomed by disabled riders who said the MTA’s unreliable paratransit services kept them from testifying about the MTA’s unreliable paratransit services.

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Derailed Biden Infrastructure Package Could Mean Loss of $10B for New York Transit

A massive federal plan to spend $550 billion on public transit, bridges and highways stalled in Congress late Thursday, meaning a potential long-term impact to big-ticket projects in New York City and the region.

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MTA on ‘Mask Blitz’  Following Reports of Low Compliance

Cops and transit workers distributed a record 26,000 masks in the transit system in the first three weeks of this month — rocketing past the total for the entire past year. Starting Thursday, riders who do not follow the mask mandate will be more likely to face fines, officials said.

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Cuomo’s $4 Million MTA Job-Cutting Effort Derailed Weeks After His Departure

The MTA’s "Transformation Management Office" is being downsized out of existence as the transit agency confronts staffing shortfalls that have snagged subway and bus trips.

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MTA Yanks $500K COVID Death Benefit From Unvaccinated Transit Workers

The transit agency is set to extend the half-million-dollar lump-sum payment through the end of the year — but only for survivors of vaccinated employees. Just 55% of bus and subway workers have gotten their shots.

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MTA Brings Back Virtual Testimony for Board Meetings — With a Catch

The MTA will no longer require in-person testimony at its board meetings beginning Monday. That means public speakers will once again be allowed to rail remotely against the transit agency — although not in real time.

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No NYC Subway Riders Got Fined for Defying Mask Mandate in August

Police booted passengers 21 times for refusing to mask up, the lowest level in nearly a year. Meanwhile, the number of riders who complied with warnings jumped — even amid complaints that some cops are going maskless.

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As MTA Subways Weather ‘100-Year Storms’ Every Month, ‘New Solutions’ Sought

The third major storm to soak the city since July once again turned some subway stations into a default sewer system. It marked the latest frightening example of the mass transit system’s vulnerability to extreme weather — which is becoming the norm.