Jessica Washington

The Fuller Project
A vicious attack left Meghan Van Alystyne with extensive injuries and brain trauma. She gave up on navigating the Office of Victim Services’ bureaucracy — and she’s not alone.
In the wake of a leaked decision by Justice Samuel Alito gutting abortion rights, state lawmakers have introduced measures to expand access for the expected influx of abortion seekers.
Tracy McCarter won a small concession from prosecutors, but the case drags on despite the new progressive district attorney’s labeling her charges “unjust” while looking to woo voters.
Tiffany Cabán and Mercedes Narcisse plunge NYC’s legislature into a fierce debate dividing domestic violence advocates about the role of law enforcement in getting help for survivors.
The pandemic’s emotional strains are falling especially heavy on communities hit hardest by COVID, unemployment and child care challenges.
Ten-day quarantines are forcing families to keep young kids home, causing chaos for those in need of child care — regardless of negative COVID test results.
A new study shows 41% of women living with kids in NYC are not working compared to 24% of men with children — a lingering effect of remote school and a perpetual child care challenge.
Providers say they shoulder costs for heating and repairs — and have concerns for the children in their care. Some 400 child care centers are housed in buildings operated by NYCHA, a system beset by lead, mold and other woes.
After coming in third in the Democratic primary, Wiley says she plans to push for universal community care for children and older adults from outside the mayor’s — and governor’s – office. She’s hoping to get Eric Adams’ ear.
Denise Williams went to Queens Hospital Center last month. Her family found out 48 hours later that the 29-year-old mother of two had died at the city-run hospital. They still don’t know why.