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Researchers Find Signs of COVID-19 Mutations in NYC Sewage, Pointing to Possible Dog and Rat Infections

Scientists studying coronavirus in local wastewater say that city environmental officials initially had "zero willingness to help explore this potential public health risk." Officials stress that the findings are preliminary.

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De Blasio Calls for ‘Full Accounting’ of NYC Inmates Who Died of COVID after Testing Positive in Jail

Mayor’s comments followed investigation by Columbia Journalism School and THE CITY that identified three men who died after contracting the virus in Department of Correction custody — but were not counted in the official death toll.

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NYC Jail-Related COVID Fatalities at Least Double Official Three Who Died in Custody

THE CITY and Columbia Journalism School identified six men who died after contracting coronavirus while in Department of Correction facilities. In an eerie echo of New York nursing homes, the department did not count deaths following release.