Imogen McNamara

Can you still get Paxlovid for free? Where did all the COVID testing sites go? And how do you get the new vaccine?
Is it legal to record a conversation in New York? How about a scene on the street, or an incident with police? Here are the basics.
Last week THE CITY held an Open Newsroom event at Queens Public Library to discuss the effects of climate change in the city and what New Yorkers can do about them.
Children are not the only ones wondering where pets go when they die. Here are your options for disposing of deceased animals’ remains respectfully.
The city’s new menu requirements went into effect this summer and will affect millions of meals for older New Yorkers.
It’s illegal to open a hydrant by yourself, in part because the water’s force could knock over children. But there’s a legal way to spray with the fire department’s help: Here’s how.