Gwynne Hogan

Gwynne covers Brooklyn for THE CITY. She was previously a reporter at WNYC/Gothamist and DNAinfo NY.

It may not matter much to rats if trash goes out at 8 PM, but some building workers say the new time is out of line with a work day that starts early in the morning.
About 40% of the more than 113,000 migrants who have arrived in the five boroughs since last year hail from the South American country, per estimates from City Hall.
Adults who reapply for shelter will have just 30 days, and families with children may be given their own deadline for the first time.
Medrite and Aron Security got $450 million to staff more than a dozen shelters under a shroud of secrecy. Even the city comptroller and Council are struggling to find out more as workers and residents clash.
On Wednesday night, the mayor said “this issue will destroy New York City” if migrants keep coming and aren’t allowed to work legally. On Thursday morning, the NYPD moved in to seize unregistered mopeds outside of a migrant shelter.
The former detective was working as a fire guard at the shelter when he pulled his weapon after a brawl between residents seemed to have subsided.
Advocates say that in recent weeks police have targeted migrant shelters and confiscated dozens of mopeds parked outside.
The Park Church sanctuary had served north Brooklyn for more than a decade, offering performance space, day care, a soup kitchen and a homeless shelter.
With expiration of their time in free city beds fast approaching, some migrants are racing to find a place to rent while others are unsure where they will end up.
City officials have been begging for a ‘statewide decompression’ strategy for months, but the governor rebuffed it Thursday.
Acting Justice Rachel Freier won the party’s nod in a nominating process for judges that also saw accusations of misogyny, racism, bullying and antisemitism.
At least some Democrats are sounding a lot like their Republican opponents as they try to stay aligned with public opinion on immigrant shelters, crime and other tension points could be their ticket to City Hall.
A community in mourning asserted its right to exist — and to vogue — in New York City as a teenager turned himself in for fatally stabbing Sibley in what Mayor Eric Adams said “clearly was a hate crime.”
The NYPD admitted to no wrongdoing as it shelled out taxpayer money to settle the matter.
City Hall is talking cryptically about the ‘next phase’ after dozens of arriving migrants spent the weekend waiting in the heat and without access to a bathroom to be let into the city’s ‘welcome center.’
Advocates claim that the city’s purposefully punishing migrants, while administration officials say they’re doing everything they can in the absence of support from the feds.
Officials and advocates all have pushed back on the plan, as the city’s shelter population swells to over 107,300.
“Selected vendors must be able to provide full-scale project management support,” according to a Health and Hospitals request for proposals published Monday.
A ghost gun hobbyist who’s fighting charges after building an arsenal in his apartment is hoping the data could help overturn some of the city’s remaining restrictions on guns possession.
Shelter staff responded to the improvised protest by telling worried parents that they could leave if they didn’t like it.