Greg David

The latest data show job gains, even as the banking crisis and cost-saving technologies could pose threats to overall employment.
Assembly and Senate budget bills both challenge foundations of proposals by the governor and mayor to build hundreds of thousands of new homes.
Signature was a big lender to apartment owners, especially of rent-regulated buildings, and that could put a bigger squeeze on owners.
Updated state figures show almost 4.7 million jobs, surpassing projections.
Local soundstages have taken a hit in an industry subsidy arms race that has NYC losing productions across the Hudson River and beyond.
Landlords need Albany action to turn Manhattan commercial buildings into apartments — and that’s just the start of their challenges.
Meanwhile, office occupancy is mired at below 50%, which one research group estimates translates to a $12 billion annual loss in economic activity.
Gov. Kathy Hochul seeks to link pay to inflation for automatic future increases, starting at $16.39. But lawmakers and activists to her left want boosts tied to labor productivity.
State legislature housing committee chairs Linda Rosenthal and Brian Kavanagh announce they’re ready to embrace the governor’s pro-growth agenda.