George Joseph

George is a Senior Reporter for THE CITY with a focus on criminal justice and courts. He previously worked for WNYC and Gothamist, and has published stories with NPR, ProPublica, Esquire, and The Intercept among other outlets. @georgejoseph94 929-486-4865

The Campaign Finance Board flagged 600 donations suspected of having been gathered by undisclosed bundlers in potential violation of campaign finance rules. Several of the contributions figure in a recent indictment by the Manhattan DA.
The incident led to the transfer of the detective, the retraining of two others, and changes in police procedure.
A month after Adams supporters were indicted over illegal donations, a CITY investigation has turned up other instances of questionable contributions that his campaign submitted for public matching funds.
The groups will implement hyperlocal programs for at-risk youth in gun violence hotspots.
Lawmakers, court authorities and city agencies have failed to safeguard the estates of homeowners who die without wills, threatening the transfer of Black and Latino generational wealth.
Brothers Joseph and Elliot Ambalo and their partner Etai Vardi use a web of LLCs to acquire shares of residential properties across New York City. We’re publishing the LLC names.
An investigation by THE CITY has unearthed multiple fraud and forgery allegations against Elliot and Joseph Ambalo and their partner Etai Vardi who target unsuspecting homeowners and unprotected tenants in Black and Latino neighborhoods.
Under Eric Adams’ commissioner, the Department of Correction gutted a specialized LGBTQ+ unit at Rikers. But following an investigation by THE CITY, lawmakers are pushing back with new legislation.
DA Mimi Rocah’s investigation was triggered by a 2020 Gothamist series unearthing allegations of rampant police corruption in Mount Vernon, New York.
Supreme Court Judge Ralph Fabrizio flip-flopped a second time today after inquiries by THE CITY. Prosecutors and defense lawyers had accused him of erratic behavior in other cases.
Since 2014, thousands of New Yorkers have filed deed theft complaints, but many are hard to prosecute. Now that could change.
Court administrators refused to comment on the future role of Justice Naita Semaj-Williams, who drew tabloid and law enforcement ire after releasing a man accused of manslaughter without bail.
A quartet of investors say they’re only helping the dispossessed get what’s due. But their actions have exploited family divisions — and relatives on both sides of the deals say they’ve been ripped off.
Former judge Laura Lee Jacobson says a political panel wrongly smeared her reputation and ruined her judicial career.
Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is investigating 82 disbursements to a company founded by former Bensonhurst Assemblymember Peter Abbate’s statehouse staffer.
Joseph Brady, legislative director for former Brooklyn Assemblymember Peter Abbate, still faces multiple misdemeanor counts in alleged upstate assault
District Attorney Alvin Bragg called an emergency meeting and faced tough questions over the office’s handling of the case.
The office of county prosecutor Eric Gonzalez has interviewed people whose allegations of forgeries and favoritism first surfaced in THE CITY.
In a combative appearance, Louis Molina denied there was a problem at the Department of Corrections, despite the collapse of the LGBTQ+ Affairs unit under his tenure.
A decade ago, New York City set out to lead the nation in efforts to support incarcerated trans people. Now detainees tell THE CITY that they are stranded in all-male housing units, subject to physical violence and sexual assaults.