George Joseph

George covers Brooklyn for THE CITY with a focus on criminal justice and housing. He previously worked for WNYC and Gothamist, and has published stories with NPR, ProPublica, Esquire, and The Intercept among other outlets. Reach him with tips at 929-486-4865.

A former party leader in the borough says ‘ghost appointees’ are not a new phenomenon.
Charles Barron called the development in his district a model for others, while Julie Won took credit for “wins” while falling short of the affordable housing threshold she’d called for.
The party’s executive director suggested that elected officials in Southern Brooklyn lacked “commitment” after those politicians ripped the party for failing to support vulnerable incumbents.
As Republicans look poised to oust veteran Democratic lawmakers, some officials are publicly sounding the alarm about the state and county party organizations.
While pre-election polls showed a close race, Democrats’ overwhelming registration advantage and late get-out-the-vote effort were enough for the incumbent to prevail.
As the university struggles with declining enrollment, an intrusive PCR testing system with no clear purpose has become one more obstacle for faculty members and students — especially those at community colleges.
Raúl Tenelema Puli of Queens fell 20 feet along with a heavy I-beam at a downtown Brooklyn residential tower project.
In a new lawsuit, the family of deceased Rikers detainee Segundo Guallpa allege that corrections officers failed to check on him, and that at least one falsified paperwork claiming that she had.
Residents in southeast Brooklyn complain of few transit options and packed, lengthy commutes, but the administration is opposing ferry expansion — leaving most stops in affluent, white neighborhoods.