Pervaiz Shallwani dipped a hot dog into New York’s melting pot, and what came out was delicious.
Who’s responsible for Democrats’ losses in New York even as the party over-performed expectations nationally? Everyone seems to be pointing figures, and they might all have a point.
Gotham Gazette’s Ben Max joins an election-night FAQ NYC podcast to offer some late-night early analysis in an episode that began before the governor’s race was called and continued after it was.
The former governor won’t say if he voted for Letitia James, but he’s got lots to say about how the Democratic Party has lost the script on crime as he says people tell him they “are afraid of the feeling I get in the city,” and much more.
The City senior reporter and bona fide train knower Jose Martinez joins FAQ to break down the gubernatorial race’s very high, yet hardly noticed, stakes for the already troubled future of the city’s circulatory system.
A conversation about the man looking to upset New York State’s first female governor, New York City’s first female fire commissioner, and much more.