Ese Olumhense

Ese is a reporter covering the Bronx for THE CITY. Ese was a reporter at the Chicago Tribune and at The Investigative Fund. Originally from the Bronx, she is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School.

A new Human Rights Watch report includes accounts of dozens who attended the June 4 protest in Mott Haven. Videos show cops trapping and beating demonstrators.
Even as air has grown cleaner in The Bronx, a highway through its heart belches pollution researchers say may be linked to risk of death from the coronavirus.
A group of mothers whose daughters died from pregnancy-related complications marked the holiday by committing to end stark health care disparities.
Met Council says it’s deluged with help requests about money owed to landlords, how to break leases and illegal evictions.
Petition seeks to remove monument carved by an Italian immigrant, sited in the borough’s Little Italy and under police watch.
The City Council passed a bill this week that would require the city to “measure and report on the impact of extreme heat” on health and collect demographic data.
In the weeks since the June 1 unrest, some businesses have reopened. But many are struggling as community members press Bronx United for information on how — or if — the funds will be distributed.
Brooklyn city-run medical center pledged to continue providing chemo and radiology as protest loomed — but patients must travel to Manhattan for surgeries.
Multiple incumbents in Congress and state Assembly see their job security threatened as absentee ballots come in after Primary Day, quaking the Democratic establishment.
Three months into the coronavirus crisis, the worst fears for one of the world’s largest food distribution centers have been averted — with not one employee laid off or furloughed.
Dozens of races will be on the ballot in the five boroughs on June 23, including 11 Congressional contests. Just tuning in? Here’s what you need to know
Anti-black racism is present in almost every facet of New York City life, charges a new City Commission on Human Rights report.
An Albany bill would provide rent vouchers for some tenants who’ve lost income. But Cuomo’s extension of eviction relief could put immigrants in a bind, lawyers warn.
Foster care agencies work to reunite families despite closed courts, a process made harder by parents’ inability to spend in-person time with kin.
New state data shows residents of ZIP codes with NYCHA developments are likelier than other New Yorkers to get sick enough to need inpatient care.
Amber Isaac died after publicly complaining on twitter about maternity care at Montefiore Medical Center in The Bronx. Partner says bill adds more pain on top of loss of mother of their baby son.
Amber Isaac died after publicly complaining about care at Montefiore. Partner says bill adds more pain on top of loss of mother of their baby son.
Amber Isaac’s death underscored existing racial maternity health disparities that some experts say are likely being made worse by the COVID crisis.
Many are organizing to document racist threats and assaults they say are now commonplace yet not showing up in official records.