Emily Swanson

Emily Swanson is an intern for THE CITY from CUNY’s Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism

Data analysis by THE CITY shows that certain NYPD precincts have a higher proportion of inexperienced new police officers than others — and that officers tend to receive more complaints at the early stages of their careers.
The MTA isn’t going along with Elon Musk’s new price tag for access, leaving some straphangers without the social media information source on their daily commutes.
Even as non-union medical residents at the system’s Upper East Side main hospital get a raise, union members — including those at public Elmhurst Hospital — work for less, without a contract.
The owner of the legendary poet’s onetime Harlem residence still wants it open to the community — and free from outside control.
If you’re feeling moved to commemorate a neighborhood hero, this guide’s for you.
People can apply to the crucial volunteer positions in Spanish now — but no one has actually done so.
Proponents of a state bill already killed three times are still trying to pass measures to shield drivers from surprise fees and collection agency harassment.
To address the longstanding problem of maintaining good attendance, some leaders are cracking down so the boards can keep functioning.
Passengers will be able to move freely between cars on some trains starting later this year.