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Claudia covers The Bronx for THE CITY. Her reporting has appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, City Limits and NPR’s Latino USA. A 2018 graduate of the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, she’s a recipient of the Sidney Hillman Foundation Award for Social Justice Reporting.

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Trump Claims Bronx Golf Course Business Boomed After Jan. 6 Insurrection

Mayor de Blasio wants to end the ex-president’s operation of the public course, invoking his role in inciting the U.S. Capitol attack. Trump’s lawyers say the links in the shadow of the Whitestone Bridge have pulled in a record $8 million so far this year.

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De Blasio Slams Bronx Golf Deal He Cheered to Bump Trump, After Homeless Operator Exposé

THE CITY asked why a homeless shelter operator was set to take over Ferry Point Park links and other news outlets revealed self-dealing and sanctions. Now the mayor says he’s baffled why his Parks Department didn’t spot the red flags.

Homeless Shelter Operator Quits Bid to Dump Trump at Bronx Golf Course

CORE Services Group says it will have no part in de Blasio’s deal to find a new operator for Ferry Point links, after THE CITY exposed the outfit’s unlikely role. City Hall says an Atlanta firm is taking over — but Trump’s lawyers say they’ll regret it.

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De Blasio Tees Off Trump at Bronx Golf Course: Homeless Shelter Operator Set to Evict the Ex-President

De Blasio names a firm tied to CORE Services Group and Bobby Jones Links to run deluxe Ferry Point golf grounds. Trump lawyers say the mayor’s "political retaliation" is a losing game and that the ex-president is in for the long haul.

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Overwhelmed Public Hospital Doctor Trainees Detail Grueling Pandemic Work Conditions

Officials at city-run hospitals concede they’re not equipped to deal with staff suicides as medical residents tell the City Council they’re understaffed and overburdened. The hearing came in the wake of reports on the recent deaths of three Lincoln Hospital residents.

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New York City Passes Landmark New Protections for Food Delivery Workers

The Deliveristas who kept New Yorkers fed during the pandemic will get bathroom access, minimum delivery payments and the tips they earned, under bills approved Thursday by the City Council. Supporters hope the first-of-their-kind regulations will become a national model.

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NYC Set to Pass Food Delivery App Laws Securing Workers Minimum Pay, Bathrooms and More

De Blasio supports first-in-the-nation bills scheduled for Thursday vote, seeking better working conditions in the booming tech-driven food courier economy. The City Council’s actions come as app firms sue to block bills it passed previously.

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‘Independent’ Redistricting Panel Draws Partisan Battle Lines in Congress Fight

A bipartisan commission charged with reforming political mapmaking fails its first test as New York Democrats and Republicans deliver dueling congressional and state legislative maps. The gridlock came as House midterm elections loomed.

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He Was Wrongfully Convicted of a Killing That Took Place Days After 9/11. Where Did Justice Go Awry?

In 2019, a Brooklyn judge exonerated Bladimil Arroyo after the DA found police coerced him into making a false confession for a killing that took place on Sept. 16, 2001. A review found the terror attack was a factor in a disjointed case.

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NYC Food Delivery Workers Face Paltry Pay and High Risks, Analysis Shows

The city’s 65,000 app-based food delivery couriers earn an average of $7.87 an hour before tips — propping up a multi-billion dollar tech industry that relies on young immigrant workers who deal with robberies, crashes and worse on city streets.