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City to Make It Easier for Siblings to Attend Same Middle School

The Department of Education policy affects roughly 9,000 out of about 80,000 fifth graders who have siblings in the same grade or sixth grade.

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Families Probed for Child Neglect After Keeping Kids Out of School Over COVID Concerns

The impact of child welfare investigations on already traumatized families can be severe: charges stay on records for decades and may affect future job prospects. Parents say they are trying their best to keep their kids safe and educated.

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NYC School Safety Agent Shortage Looms as Vaccination Mandate Deadline Nears

Hundreds, if not thousands of guards could come off the payroll for refusing to get their shots — putting student safety in jeopardy, principals say. Meanwhile, 10,000 teachers have yet to upload proof of vaccination, according to education officials.

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NYC Schools Brace for Up to 10,000 Missing Teachers as Vaccine Mandate Takes Effect

As the vaccine mandate for New York City teachers is set to take effect next week, schools are bracing for this Tuesday when thousands of educators might be barred from their classrooms.

NYC Schools Overhaul COVID Policy: What You Need to Know About Testing, Quarantines and More

Big changes come after just one week of school as de Blasio announces new measures designed to keep more kids in class. But entire elementary school classrooms may still have to quarantine if a teacher tests positive.

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NYC Gets Back to School Monday. Here’s What you Need to Know About Vaccinations, Masks and More

Major questions remain around COVID prevention, academic recovery, mental health services — and the basics of teaching and learning — as all New York City schoolchildren head back to buildings for the first time since March 2020.

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Questions on Classroom Purifiers Fill the Air Ahead of School Opening

New York City spent $40 million on air purifiers. Some experts say taxpayers could have gotten more for the money.

How Can You Social Distance at Overcrowded NYC Schools? A Two-Tiered System Feared

With the start of classes just a month away and the COVID-19 Delta variant spreading, it’s still unclear whether — or how — many schools will adhere to the three-foot guideline. "We are very, very scared," one Brooklyn parent said.

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No More Remote Classes Next School Year: What You Need to Know

Will there be testing? Can teachers still get exemptions? What about social distancing in classrooms? Here’s the latest from Mayor de Blasio, who announced the major change on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe."

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Tensions Rise at Some of NYC’s Top High Schools Over ‘Zoom in a Room’ for On-Campus Students

Education department officials have given few details about next year, and some parents are worried their children will still be learning online in the fall, even inside school buildings.