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NYC Gets Back to School Monday. Here’s What you Need to Know About Vaccinations, Masks and More

Major questions remain around COVID prevention, academic recovery, mental health services — and the basics of teaching and learning — as all New York City schoolchildren head back to buildings for the first time since March 2020.

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Questions on Classroom Purifiers Fill the Air Ahead of School Opening

New York City spent $40 million on air purifiers. Some experts say taxpayers could have gotten more for the money.

How Can You Social Distance at Overcrowded NYC Schools? A Two-Tiered System Feared

With the start of classes just a month away and the COVID-19 Delta variant spreading, it’s still unclear whether — or how — many schools will adhere to the three-foot guideline. "We are very, very scared," one Brooklyn parent said.

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No More Remote Classes Next School Year: What You Need to Know

Will there be testing? Can teachers still get exemptions? What about social distancing in classrooms? Here’s the latest from Mayor de Blasio, who announced the major change on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe."

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Tensions Rise at Some of NYC’s Top High Schools Over ‘Zoom in a Room’ for On-Campus Students

Education department officials have given few details about next year, and some parents are worried their children will still be learning online in the fall, even inside school buildings.

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NYC Middle School Students Set to Head Back to Buildings in Late February

Roughly 62,000 children are expected to return to in-person classes. Mayor de Blasio did not say when high school students might be going back to campuses.

NYC’s ‘Situation Room’ is Supposed to Respond Quickly to School COVID-19 Cases. It’s Not Working, Council Members Say.

The program, critics say, has been riddled with glitches — including long waits for test results, conflicting guidance for principals and confusing letters to families.

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NYC’s Staffing Crunch Takes a Big Toll on Students with Disabilities, Report Finds

Many students with special needs have not received all of the services they’re entitled to during the pandemic, according to a survey of more than 1,100 parents.

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NYC Public Schools Have Lost 31,000 Students This Fall, Preliminary Data Show

Public school enrollment is falling at schools across New York City, according to data obtained by Chalkbeat. School rosters have already lost about 3.4% of students compared with last year.

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Seeking Safer Classrooms, NYC Teachers Are Crowdfunding for Air Purifiers

DOE officials say they’ve purchased 30,000 HEPA purifiers. But that’s not enough, so hundreds of school staffers are filling in the gaps on their own.